Cm to Feet

(Quick and Easy Cm to Feet Conversion)


In the Centimeter Gram Seconds (CGS) systems of the unit, the centimeter is the unit of distance or length. Therefore, it is generally used as a unit of measurement. The vertical axis denotes the normalized synaptic action density at the scales of the centimeter.


The abbreviation or symbol used for Centimeter is cm. The formation of the word comes after the combination of two different words, Centum from Latin and meter from French. The word from Latin further breaks down into centi, and by combining it with meter, it becomes centimeters.

Current Use:

The measurement of mechanical systems includes force, energy, pressure, mass, and length. The application of this unit system in particular cm works for architects, the clothing industry, kitchen utensils, and the sanitary industry. Moreover, the measurement system isn’t limited to a specific region. It is used all around the world, from the United States to the Asia Pacific.

Foot (ft)


Foot is a measuring unit and utilized in an imperial unit measuring along with U.S customary units. One foot comprises 12 inches or 30.48 centimeters.


The standard IEEE symbol for the foot is “ft.” There are cases where an apostrophe or prime often characterizes the feet.

Current Use:

Majorly, the foot is used to measure height, length, or a short distance. The foot is also utilized for measuring the altitude of mountains. Especially when it comes to the furniture industry, the usage becomes more relevant.

There are 0.032909399 ft in 1 cm.

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Step 1: Enter a value in the field.

Step 2: Select the number of decimal values.

Step 3: Press the “Convert” button for the conversion to take place.

To convert cm to feet; we need to multiply given centimeters with 0.0328084.

ft =cm * 0.0328084

You can understand the simple way of cm to in conversion with the following example as well .

Suppose we need to convert 60 cms to feet. We will multiply 60 with 0.0328084 for extracting the desired result.


Feet = 60inches x 0.0328084

Feet = 1.968504

Cm to Feet Conversion Table

Here is the centimeter to feet conversion table for instant conversions:

1 Cm to Feet 0.032808399
10 Cm to Feet 0.3280839895
20 Cm to Feet 0.656167979
30 Cm to Feet 0.9842519685
40 Cm to Feet 1.312335958
50 Cm to Feet 1.6404199475
60 Cm to Feet 1.968503937
70 Cm to Feet 2.2965879265
80 Cm to Feet 2.624671916
90 Cm to Feet 2.9527559055
100 Cm to Feet 3.280839895