Cm To Inches

(Quick and Easy cm to inches Conversion)


The metric unit of measurement utilized for calculating the length of an object is known as a centimeter. Many people spelled the word as centimeter, which is also correct. A centimeter is equivalent to one-hundredth of a meter.


Cm is the abbreviation of two words Centi and Meter. Centi is a Latin word that means centum, and mètre is a French word. The word centimeter was first used back in 1801 and has been utilized all over the world since then.

Current Use:

Besides calculating the length of an object, the centimeter is used for many other purposes. People use this unit of length to measure the level of rainfall calculated with a rain gauge. Also, it is widely used for the measurement of capacitance.

1 cm of capacitance = 1 .113×10−12 farads .


The measurement of length or distance by US standards is called an inch. For instance, a foot consists of 12 inches, and there are 36 inches in a yard. Similarly, you will find 12 inches on a ruler to measure the length of an object.

Abbreviation/Symbol: Inch is usually denoted by in or “symbol.

Current Use: An inch is used for measuring length, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. It is also widely used to measure the length of display screens in Japan.

A centimeter has 0 .3937 inches. Or, in simple words, you can say that 2 .54 cm becomes an inch.

1in = 1cm / 2 .54 = 0 .3937in

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The following simple and straightforward set of instructions will assist you to convert centimeters to inches.

Step 1: Enter the value in the centimeter you want to convert.

Step 2: Select the number of decimal values in which you need the answer.

Step 3: Press the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion.

Step 4: You will get your desired result.

The mathematical method to convert cm to in requires a formula that is mentioned below

In = cm/2 .54

You can understand the simple way of cm to in conversion with the following example as well.

For instance, if you want to convert 15 cm into inches, divide 15 centimeters by 2 .54 to get the value in inches (as 1 inch is equal to 2 .54 cm).

in = 15cm / 2 .54

Inch = 5 .905

Or you can convert cms to inches with another formula which is below

in =cm * 0 .39370

Inch = 15*0 .39370

Inches =5 .905

So 5.905 is the result of a centimeter to inch conversion.

The following Table will be helpful in cm inches conversion .

1 Cm to Inches 0 .3937
10 Cm to Inches 3 .9370
20 Cm to Inches 7 .8740
30 Cm to Inches 11 .8110
40 Cm to Inches 15 .7840
50 Cm to Inches 19 .6850
60 Cm to Inches 23 .6220
70 Cm to Inches 27 .5591
80 Cm to Inches 31 .4961
90 Cm to Inches 35 .4331
100 Cm to Inches 39 .3701