SEO Keyword Competition Analysis


An SEO keyword competition analysis tool is developed to give a breakdown of your site’s search affability in contrast to your competitors based on several search engine optimization (SEO) metrics. The all you have to do is to provide your website URL, in addition to your competitor’s site URL and any targeted keywords based on the search phrase.

This superlative tool will deliver an SEO evaluation report that entails an in-depth analysis of how proficiently you are competing against your rivals for the specified keyword phrases and assists you in identifying on-page optimization areas and the key aspects that can aid you boost webpage listing in organic search engine results.

Dupli Checker’s SEO Keyword competition analysis tool deliver a SERP analysis of the first page in search engine like Google, if you believe it’s very easy to rank in Google, think for a second time. Contrary to prevalent belief, it is not always easy to appear on top of the search engine results. Indeed, for each keyword provided, you have a massive competition going on from individuals all around the world. Determining how much time you would actually require being best than your rivals looked like a myth to many.

You see first 10 webpage URL's, as well as metrics about the websites, with off-page and on-page SEO; like Alexa Rank, PageRank, Domain Age, DMOZ, keyword’s presence in metadata (h1, URL, title, description)

These metrics are color-coded, where green indicates: not very well optimized, so not tough to beat well, that is not for what we are here. What our highly sophisticated keyword competition analyzer does, is it helps you get the comprehensive information regarding your leading competitors for a particular keyword. Our tool plays a crucial part in analyzing the basic metrics of all the competitors that might be present on the first page of search engine result for any keyword provided. Our incredible tool provides you with all the analytics of off-page and on-page SEO of your competitors, from Page Rank to Alexa Rank, Domain Age, DMOZ and even the existence of keyword in the Meta description and title to provide you the analysis you need for your competitor.

  • Compares SEO related data from your website pages against your rivals for a multiplicity of metrics comprising of link popularity, page size, flash usage and many more.
  • Offers a viable keyword density for online comparison of your website page in contrast to your competitors.
  • By entering your webpage URL in conjunction with your competitors, webpage URL and search phrase or any targeted keywords, our free online Keyword Competition Analysis tool will create a report to help you in identifying areas of opportunity for on-page optimization, in addition to suggestions for improving your organic search engine ranking.
  • The SEO Keyword Competition Analysis tool easily and quickly analyzes on-page elements of your website involving title text, link count, flash usage, etc.
  • The report generated by our sophisticated tool will also involve recommendations for each search engine optimization aspect and how you can improve them on your web.
  • SEO is significant to maintain a good ranking in organic search engine results, so don't waste your valuable time in pushing off boosting your website's SEO. Use our Competition Analysis tool now and boost your website's SEO in a flash!

  • Helps in identifying which key SEO elements are directly influencing your organic rankings such as text/HTML ratio, flash usage, link count and page size.
  • Provides suggestions for boosting "search friendliness" of your website against your competitor's based on particular comparisons of several SEO aspects.
  • Analyzes your webpage’s keyword density in contrast to your competitor's comprising off factors such as body text, title tags, and link text.
  • Compares keyword density of your webpage to analyze whether your webpage is at risk of being marked as spam by Google.

Competition can be fearsome, particularly when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. While trying to rank for a specific keyword, you might be on the up against a poor intern, or you might be on the up against a professional SEO company. There is a multiplicity available for free online tools that can help you out, but you should understand how to utilize them efficiently.

The exciting news is that if you take the time to perform comprehensive keyword competition analysis, you’ll be capable of recognizing keywords that haven’t been targeted by the highly experienced SEOs within your niche. While it will take you loads of upfront time, it will save much more in the long run. You’ll be capable of forming a keyword generator which contends with all competitor keyword phrases. Suppose you are producing best quality content, you’ll have an easier time getting it ranked and seen highly in organic search engine results. You will need exponentially a few backlinks, which will save you either a lot of time and money.

Performing keyword competition score analysis is one of the superlative ways to improve your search engine optimization game. If you can analyze your competitor’s keywords, you can utilize that insight to guide your own search engine optimization strategy and possibly gain a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

  • Steal your rival’s keywords to strive for rankings in the same search engine results.
  • Search and start targeting keywords that have not been targeted by your competitors yet.
  • Discover comprehensive terms utilized by your target market that you hadn’t believed of yourself.
  • Realize why your competitor’s website ranks above yours for broader keywords.

Prior finding for a handy tool that produces a list of competitor keywords with only a few clicks stop. Keyword competition analysis just isn’t that easy. You’ll have to conduct a bit manual digging to pile up a list of your competitor’s keywords. Don’t let the strength needed to disappoint you though. When there isn’t a single click tool to perform competitor’s keyword analysis, there is Dupli Checker’s SEO Keyword Competition Analysis tool available to speed up and smooth out your analysis process.