Website Checker

You’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization and traffic generation. Without these tools, it's very difficult for any website to thrive on the internet. It may have done well when the internet had just started gaining traction, but now that Google has come on the scene, everything has changed. From the way we browse the internet to the way we optimize our websites, Google’s algorithms and tools have changed the game. So why should you check website status? Well, the advertisement and marketing tools created by Google and other search engines have forever upped the ante for website owners. The competition has also increased drastically, so you have to do more to survive and stay relevant. Analyzing your website is one of the best ways to do that.

Now that you know the importance of web analysis, the next logical question is “how do I go about it?” The easiest way to conduct your website analysis is to use a web analyzer. Ideally, you want to use the best tool available because you need accurate results if you’re going to stay in the game. Just any tool won’t do. You need a tool that can give you detailed information on your website, ranging from how much traffic you’re generating to what keywords you might be using (and the ones that you SHOULD be using). Ideally, you also need a tool that can help you monitor your competition’s website, so you can objectively measure your status and progress.

“Will the tool test my website?” isn't really a valid question at this point because the tool can search through every website. Website checker has all the features you could ever need in an SEO Optimization tool.

This tool is really all you need to keep track of your website, and it's progress towards becoming the best website it can be. It monitors everything from organic traffic to Advert traffic. The tool helps you check website online, and cross-references it with traffic data. The result is a list of valuable and difficult to obtain information about the size, value, and scale of your website's traffic, as well as it's advertisement progress. The best part is that the SEO analysis tool does not require any form of authorization whatsoever. Because most of the information is available on the internet, it can retrieve them with relative ease. What this means is that you can use the tool on the go to actively track your growth goals and keep your website on track.

This SEO analyzing tool not only lets you monitor your progress, but it keeps an eye on your competition as well. Thanks to the open nature of the tool, you can research just about ANY website, from giants like Amazon to the grocery store along the street.

The website analyzer has a unique blend of effectiveness and simplicity. While it does its job ridiculously well and gives you the confidence to say "test my site," it is also very easy and simple to use. It basically only requires a single piece of information from you, and then you can sit back and watch it do the rest. It is one of the easiest web analytics tools to use. Follow these steps to use the tool:

Step one: Open the tool

When you are ready to conduct your website review, go to to open the tool.

Step two: Enter your domain name

When the webpage loads, you'll see an empty field labeled "Enter URL." This is where you feed the website scanner with the domain you would like to perform website SEO analysis on.

Enter your domain name, and click "Check Domain Overview." From here, you can also report any problems you have with the tool to the developers.

Step Three: Review the results of the webpagetest

After the tool checks your site, it gives you a brief overview containing your Search Engine Ranking, and your Organic Keywords.

Step Four: Analyze the results of your website performance test

Now, you can analyze the results of your website performance test and get a better idea of how your website is doing.

Even though the website scanner is an effective SEO analysis tool, you might experience some problems using it. Ideally, the issues will fall under one of three categories and are quite straightforward to resolve. Here is a list of the possible problems you may experience using the tool and how to solve them:

  • The tool's webpage does not load: Because the website scanner is an exclusively online tool, you will not be able to use it if it’s webpage does not load. This problem can be caused by problems with your internet service provider and/or your local internet connection. Check to make sure that you are connected to the internet to fix this problem and try using the tool again.
  • The tool does not process your link: If the tool does not process your link, it could either be because you typed an invalid link (the link does not lead to a website) or because you did not include “www” with the link. Fixing this is relatively simple. Just review the link, and be sure to include the “www” when typing the link.
  • Some of the fields come up blank: You may encounter this problem after the tool spits out information about your site. This is probably because the site has no PLA (product listing Ads) information. Simply try another website.