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To convert HEIC to PNG images online, follow the simple steps below:

  • Click the upload button or drag and drop the files to submit your HEIC images.
  • Press the ‘Convert’ button and wait for the files to be converted.
  • After completing the conversion, tap ‘Download’ to save the converted PNG images immediately.

The HEIC to PNG converter available on Duplichecker.com is the easiest and most reliable online tool, making it hassle-free for users to perform HEIC conversions. The tool has a user-friendly interface, enabling folks to use it without any prior expertise.

It uses state-of-the-art algorithms that ensure efficiency and reliability in every. HEIC to PNG conversion. Therefore, this HEIC converter provides users a convenient way to switch between these image formats.

Our efficient online HEIC to PNG converter is a sophisticated web-based utility that features several unique functions, including:

Cloud Compatibility

Most online utilities allow file uploads from local device storage. But our HEIC to PNG tool has elevated this process. This efficient online HEIC converter integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage services, allowing users to access the HEIC files directly from their cloud storage accounts.

Batch Conversion

Our super-fast HEIC converter supports batch file conversion to streamline the HEIC to PNG process for users. Its advanced algorithms can efficiently process and convert multiple HEIC files to PNG format in one go.

Multiple Image Formats

The HEIC to PNG converter offers advantages beyond just converting .HEIC to PNG files. It can also accurately transform the HEIC files to other popular image formats, including JPG & JPEG.

Fast & Secure

Our online HEIC converter provides a fast and secure way for users to change HEIC to PNG images effortlessly. You will not have to worry about data privacy while using this free HEIC to PNG converter online.

How to convert HEIC to PNG without losing quality?

If you want to convert your files from HEIC to PNG format without experiencing quality loss, you can use Duplichecker’s free HEIC converter.

How to convert HEIC to PNG on Mac?

You can access the Duplichecker’s HEIC to PNG converter on your MacOS system via any browser. After that, upload your HEIC files to the tool, and it will convert them to PNG format without sacrificing quality.

How long does it take to convert HEIC to PNG?

Since this advanced HEIC converter uses cutting-edge algorithms, processing the conversion from HEIC to PNG format takes a few seconds. This online tool won't slow down even if you process multiple HEIC files.

Can I Edit the Converted PNG Files?

Yes. Since PNG is a renowned image format, you can easily edit the converted PNG files.

Is this HEIC to PNG converter free?

Yes. There are no hidden pricing plans associated with our HEIC converter. No matter if you want to process a single HEIC file or multiple files, you can do that for free.