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Simply stick to the following steps:

  • Click ‘Choose Files’ or drag and drop the AVIF file in the provided space.
  • Tap on the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the process.
  • The AVIF to JPG tool will complete the entire conversion in a flash.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button and save the converted file to your device’s local storage.

The AVIF format is a derivative of the AV1 video coding standard. Therefore, it stands for AV1 Image File format. Compared to the other picture formats, the AVIF is a relatively new image standard. Therefore, people often experience incompatibility issues with AVIF format, even on high-end machines.

This next-generation format came into existence in 2019. Like other image formats, AVIF supports both static and animated content. But that’s not the reason for the popularity of this picture standard. The reason for its fame lies in the following traits:

  1. Higher image quality.
  2. Lower image size

DupliChecker’s AVIF to JPG stands out from the rest due to its unique set of characteristics.

User-Friendly Interface

Users won’t go through any tough process to convert AVIF file to jpg . Their first-hand experience will be enough to master this web utility, courtesy of its intuitive UI.

Fully Functional

There are no significant limitations or restrictions associated with this web utility. Therefore, users can rely on this tool to convert .AVIF to JPG files efficiently and effectively.

Batch Processing

The developers of this AVIF to JPG tool have leveraged sophisticated technologies to build its robust backend. Therefore, it supports processing multiple AVIF files in one go.

Error Free

The cutting-edge technologies working at the backend enable this .AVIF to JPG converter to perform error-free format transformation. Therefore, users will not experience data or quality loss while performing conversions with this web utility.

Secure Data

The developers have built this online tool by integrating advanced encryption strategies. Therefore, with this web utility, users can change AVIF to JPG files without worrying about security breaches.

AVIF to JPG conversion may seem unnecessary, given how far technology has come. But people still perform this type of conversion because JPG is a widely accepted format. Therefore, various benefits are associated with it. Some of them are given below:

File Size

AVIF files are famous for taking up less space. But sometimes, they require a huge amount of storage space. Therefore, people prefer converting AVIF files to JPG formats because they are widely accepted and take less space.

Image Quality

JPG files often keep acceptable image quality despite their smaller size. Due to their compression techniques, JPG files are frequently utilized for high-resolution photographs. Therefore, they are appropriate for sharing and showcasing photos on the internet.

Browser Support

All the browsers support JPG image type. In fact, this reason alone is the primary cause of the conversion from AVIF to JPG formats.

Editing Flexibility

JPG files are more editing-friendly than their AVIF. Therefore, a wide range of editing tools support this file format. This offers more control over the editing process and enables users to touch up their pictures as they prefer.

Happy Users

DupliChecker’s simple AVIF to JPG makes the entire conversion process more enjoyable. Here is what its users say:

Barney Geller:

I tried a few other platforms, but each time I was met with the error message: ‘Proceeding time exceeded.’ However, I haven’t experienced any such issue while converting AVIF to jpg. The entire process was smooth.

Joseph Hoff:

I have already been a fan of DupliChecker’s JPG converter. So, checking their AVIF to JPG utility was a no-brainer for me. And considering the speed and accuracy of the process, I am fully satisfied with the results.

Peter Shadez:

I had a bunch of AVIF files. However, I was unable to submit them all to other programs due to either their inability to accommodate multiple files or their file size limitations. I tried my luck with this tool and it generated the results in a flash. But I am happy with the results.

How to convert AVIF file to jpg on a Mac or mobile device?

You can access DupliChecker’s AVIF to JPG on your mobile device or Mac OS system in order to change AVIF to JPG files.

Is it safe to convert AVIF to JPG Online?

Yes, converting an AVIF file to a JPG file is completely safe with our tool. Since our developers have used advanced encryption technologies, you will not experience any quality or data loss in the results offered by this web utility.

How to convert AVIF to JPG without losing quality?

Converting AVIF file to JPG without quality loss requires the selection of a top-notch utility. DupliChecker is the platform where you can find a reliable AVIF to JPG transformer. By simply uploading your AVIF files, you can transform them to the JPG format without losing quality.

How to convert AVIF to JPG in bulk?

The AVIF to JPG converter allows you to convert multiple AVIF files to the JPG format. With this tool, you can convert up to 20 AVIF files in a single go.