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You might have heard that a photo is worth a thousand words. Instead of writing two paragraphs to explain something, you can use a clear picture.

While selecting an image, you have to consider its size. Keep it in mind that large images can decrease the load time of a website. People often forget to optimize images for before using them. The high-quality photos can be cumbersome and large. Massive images can be responsible for decreasing the speed of your site. In such situations, compress jpeg Or reduce image size becomes inevitable.

When you are unable to upload an image on your favorite social media app or the size of a photo is affecting the speed of your website, you have to adjust its size with a free image resizer or crop photo. Resizing an image is not an easy task because it can affect its quality. If you want to resize a photo, make sure to use our tool to avoid any compromise over quality.

Photo compressor of Duplichecker can decrease the size of your images and pictures without affecting their quality. Fortunately, you can use this tool without installing special software. Just open this tool and upload the photos you want to resize. This tool is designed to support GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, and JPEG. You will need this resizer in different situations. For instance:

  • You can use online photo resizer before publishing images on a website to ensure fast loading speed of a site.
  • Adjust the size of images before sending them as email attachments
  • You can use this tool before posting photographs on a blog
  • An excellent way to adjust photos before posting on social media, Google+ and Facebook
  • Feel free to use this tool before posting images on auction pages like Allegro, uBid, OZtion, OnlineAuction, eBay, etc.
  • Resize an image before posting on a forum
  • Before including pictures in PDF or Word documents

Online photo resizer can reduce image size without losing its quality. The pixel information of a resized image is changed. For example, when a photo decreased in size, a photo size reducer discards the superfluous pixel information. When you enlarge a photo, the tool has to add and create new pixel information. A larger size often results in blurry and soft looking image and a pixelated picture, you can also compress jpg or convert into it.

While working with a pixel-based (raster) image, you have to understand that scaling a photo in programs like PowerPoint, Word, Dreamweaver and in Design don’t resize a picture, but stretches photos larger or scales images smaller. While scaling, the resolution is not modified as per the new size; somewhat pixels are stretched and may appear pixelated. Scaling may make a photo larger than its actual dimension, but the picture will appear pixelated or fuzzy. Scaling images smaller than their exact dimensions may not affect the quality. However, there are some side effects of scaling an image down to a smaller size.

If you upload a large image to your site and scale it down to small size, the site should load full-size versions of the image and decrease the loading speed of web page. Scaling a small image can be the right decision. You are recommended to use a photo resizer to achieve excellent photo quality. Moreover, feel free to stretch vector graphics (charts and clipart in PowerPoint or Word) don’t have pixels; therefore, these can be stretched to the desired size without losing their quality.

Keep it in mind that a picture can interact with your customers in a better way. The high-quality images are essential than media, travel and e-commerce websites. HTTP Archive claims that images take almost 64% of the website’s weight. If you can decrease the size of images without affecting their quality, it can have a positive impact on the loading speed of your website. Ultimately, you will be able to get more traffic. Maximum users love to visit a site that takes less than two seconds to load. If a page takes over 3 seconds to load, nearly 40% of online visitors will leave this site. It can increase the bounce rate of your website. To address these problems, you have to pay attention to image optimization.

Optimizing images is an essential procedure to maintain the quality of pictures in the right size, resolution, dimension, and correct format. Image optimization is possible with image compressor, caching or resizing images. In this situation, you will need an online photo resizer. This intelligent tool can handle your resizing job with intelligent resizing algorithm. Fusion of a high-quality small image and quality content can improve the performance of your website.

Our free tool allows you to adjust the size of an image. This user-friendly tool sets the limit to 5MB. It will not accept pictures over this limit.

  • Get started by visiting: This page if you are not already there.
  • When you are on the above page, you will see this section to upload a picture to reduce image size, as shown in the image below.
  • photo resizer
  • Hit on “Choose File” button and select the desired image from your device to resize.
  • After the image is uploaded, click on “Resize Image”, and let the magic begin. Our tool will do its work without affecting the quality of your image.
  • image resizer
  • Before hitting “Resize Image”, you have to make important adjustments. You are free to define the new size of an image and format with the help of available dimensions. You can increase or decrease the pixels and choose a format (JPG, PNG, JPEG). Once you are done with adjustments, hit “Resize Image”. Within a few seconds, you will get these results.
  • pic resize
  • See “Before” and “After” reduce image size to see the difference between both images.
  • reduce image size

The image resizer even in in kb only changes the image size without affecting its quality. Keep it in mind that you can connect users to your website with the help of high-quality images. Massive and larger images can decrease the loading speed of your site. A slow loading website can increase the frustration of visitors, and they will immediately leave your website. By optimizing images, you can improve the loading speed of your site.

To confirm image is unique or not (copied or not) you should reverse image search, Just for confirmation.

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