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It has been observed that your competitor’s backlinks go a long way in revealing their activities, as well as their SEO performance. By this, you can pay attention to vital details that help them and can equally help your website rank better and get more relevant traffic. Just the same way you use your website’s backlinks to measure your level of productive activity, you can equally use your competitors’ backlinks to know how well they are positioned, and if indeed they are ranking more than you are. One thing you must know is that you are not the first or only one who will be scrutinizing backlinks. It is heavily used by Google and other search engines to know how relevant your content really is.

By monitoring your competitors’ activities, you get to know those websites that you share an audience with, and you can strategize on ways to have a higher online authority and broader audience than they do. It is necessary for you to clearly see the webpages and links that consistently drive traffic to your competitors.

Backlinks simply refer to those links that your website gets from another site, such that it leads back to your own website. The more backlinks a website has, the more prominent and relevant it appears. This makes it more appealing to search engines and leads to better ranking. Thus, you might discover that your competitors that rank on Google has a good number of backlinks that point back to their site. In any case, before you rush into accumulating backlinks, by all means, be aware that you need more than just a large quantity of backlinks. You need them to be of good quality, and from real and reputable sites. If this is not in place, you might still lag behind your competitors.

However, getting many quality backlinks all by yourself is no easy task. It is a long, arduous process that many would rather avoid. And fortunately, you can now make use of backlink checker tool to take a peek at the backlinks your competitors are having and simply work towards getting them on your own site. Our free backlink checker tool allows you to check for quality backlinks that are getting your competitors better ranks on Google.

An efficient backlink checker will help in conducting an accurate competitor analysis. That is, your focus should not be only on checking and monitoring your competitors’ contents alone. A backlink analyser is likewise indispensable to your website’s SEO. And the good part is that you can go beyond your own website and get backlinks from diverse sources. This way, by spreading your tentacles into your competitors’ areas, you can even secure backlinks from sites with high domain authority. Of course, Google wouldn’t get easily deceived into ranking a site that has no affiliation with authoritative sites.

When you see the kind of posts that such reputable sites link, you can also build a similar content for your site, it is observable that some specific type of posts or topics attract more backlinks than others. Therefore, if you can write on similar topics or create similar contents, you are on your way to getting linked by those ‘big’ websites.

With our backlink finder at DupliChecker, you can check backlinks of website and see their strong points. Not only this, but you can also see the weak aspects and loopholes that you can improve on. It doubles as a backlink checker online and a backlink analyzer, such that you get a report on the website’s position amongst others. This tool is also advantageous, due to the fact that it is free and incredibly easy to manage. You need not to provide unnecessary personal details or register or install any applications. It is simply a web-based tool that is suited to help you track your competitors and outrun them.

Backlink Checker Tool!

To check backlinks of a website, you need not to go through any long process anymore. Unlike some free backlink checker tools, with us, all you need to provide is the URL to the webpage you want to analyse. Also, when you do a competitor backlink analysis, you even get to find competitors you did not pay much attention to previously. Note that your search for competitors should not focus only on those high ranking sites. Even those that you seem to do better than might have valuable backlinks you could pick from. Those sites that are related to your field and are closely following you can equally be checked. You then get to see how backlinks can help your website rank better and get more traffic when you track competitors’ links.

To use our efficient and free backlink checker tool, simply follow these given steps:

  • Visit our tool
  • Enter the domain URL in the box indicated. This can be for your website or your competitors. Ensure it is the correct address, (with http://).
  • Next, click on “Check Backlinks Competitors” button.
  • The detailed result is shown in a few seconds.

This tool gives you the opportunity also to know which of your supposed competitors are relevant enough. They are listed in order, and you can quickly assess which ones you should pay more attention to. Note that there are direct competitors as well as indirect competitors who only compete with your rankings and might not be related to your field or business. It has recently been noted that website competitor analysis is a very effective way to boost your SEO in a relatively easier way. Rather than striving on your website alone, your competitors’ backlinks point to an easier way to improve your website’s quality. Of course, the relevance of backlinks cannot be ignored in improving your website’s SEO. So when you compare your backlink profile with other related websites’, you have a clearer idea on how to gather the relevant backlinks.