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Webmasters are more likely to benefit from a real interested audience who drive organic traffic to the website. If you well understand the power of popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and how they can play a critical role in bringing more attention from your target audience that could be helpful in earning more profits, then you certainly also understand the need for an effective link building or Google link tracker.

While links to reviews, blogs, and articles, paid links and link exchanges are useful in enhancing the online visibility of your website, it certainly would not create the results that you want, especially if you lack organization and you also do not take advantage of link tracking Google Analytics or a link tracking software.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough just to create the quality backlinks. You also have to regularly monitor your website’s backlinks in order to avoid any unpleasant encounter with Google or any other search engine; as they can de-index your website due to spam backlinks.

Webmaster’s have to keep a keen eye on the backlinks of their websites to stop it from having different spam backlinks. Perhaps, your competitor websites are right now busy creating low-quality backlinks to your website. It’s a bad tactic to reduce your rankings. Now you must be wondering how you can track your backlinks. The good news is that there are many link tracking software or free URL tracker tools available now.

So the answer to your problem could be the free online Link Tracker Tool by DupliChecker. It will let you trace links pointing to your website and tell whether they are helping or hindering. It can tell you if the page is indexed and if the link is active or not.

For new webmasters, a link building strategy can be defined as a core set technique where they add various links to other websites that will point right back to their own website. When there are several reliable methods of achieving quality links, then the question is how to keep a check on the unreliable sources.

The significance of using a link tracking software is quite obvious as webmasters spend much of their time and resources to build as many quality one-way links as they can to start a useful campaign and promotion of their website on the internet. However, the adverse consequence that they tend to face is that the links either disappear or die within just a few days of setting them up. It is troublesome and impractical to continuously monitor which links are deactivated and when they do so. That's when a Link Tracker Tool comes in very handy

An essential tool used to simplify your routine link audits, this Link Tracker is very easy to use. Simply enter the URL of the web page you wish to analyze, and in the following text box, you can add multiple URLs (one URL per line) that contain a link back to your website.

In your results, you will see a list of the pages that link to your webpage, the Google Page Rank (PR) for each page, the anchor text used to describe your page, and whether or not the link is live.

It is very helpful to know this information because of high PR backlinks, with relevant anchor text, are the most valuable. Needless to say, those links are worthless if they aren’t live! This link tracker tool organizes the most relevant information in a matter of seconds for your convenience because you have more important things to do than to spend hours researching the value of each backlink!

Link tracker is essentially a tool that allows you to track link exchanges of your websites. You can use this tool to verify the validity of your one-way backlinks and find out if they have been taken down or don’t work.

Link tracker is useful as it also tells the PR (PageRank) of the pages that have your backlink. It is important because it enables webmasters to estimate the link importance and it can be helpful in the assessment of websites by search engines.

The use of a link tracker also provides webmasters with means of taking control of the efforts in order to maintain search engine’s optimized sites. With DupliChecker’s free link tracker tool, you are no longer in need of a link building strategy without assuring that it is going to be beneficial for your product or service.