Link Price Calculator

Dupli Checker’s Link Price Calculator is a valuable tool to utilize if you plan to get a clear-cut estimate of how much you need to charge per month for a specific URL or a text link. It is also utilized as a tool for Search Engine Optimization in order to compute how much you need to be paying for a text link ad should you wish to advertise on a site. This is a useful tool comprising of an easily manageable interface as it does not require any programming or technical skills at all. All you have to do is to copy/paste the website URL or input it on the interface.

While checking for link price, you may also need to consider a number of factors such as site’s Alexa traffic rank, its age and the number of backlinks. These are some of the most significant concerns while determining the price of a URL or link. Whenever you need to get immediate outcomes though, you can depend on our price link app that is utilized by internet markets and website owners for their websites, too.

Though, our Link Price Checker is an important tool that can generate the price of a link or a URL within seconds. All you need to do is to enter the URL or link you want to check for price. However, you should not utilize this alone while calculating the price of a link you are paying for, or you would be selling. Use our highly superlative Link Price Calculator today!

Whether you are a webmaster or advertiser, know how much you would be paying or charging for a particular link every month. Dupli Checker’s Link Price Calculator considers a website’s reputation solely based on age and ranking including backlinks among others. In order to get an accurate estimate, enter website URL in the text box provided.

A number of website owners and advertisers are clueless on the subject of link prices. You need a link price calculator in order to compute link prices. Link prices are what popular websites will charge you if you wish to create a link to their site.

Popular sites promote their links and request for a price to allow you to link to their website. The question is; why do you need to buy a link? The answer is rather simple if you are familiar with the fact that search engines like Google factor in links while ranking websites. The more stronger and popular links your website has, the more chances it has in improving the ranking.

Moving up in Google rankings is what all webmasters wish to get. To display in the top position of the first page in all search engines, your website should follow acronym ART, which is:

  • Traffic
  • Authority
  • Relevance

In order to become an industry leader across the internet needs acumen and hard work. More links you possess means more traffic you need to get. An increase in traffic will help your website in gaining authority and relevance.

You should know what your links are worth? It is the point where you need a link price checker, and Dupli Checker has a perfect one. Enter website URL that you wish to check. It will compute and display link price in dollars. The price shown is a monthly, not a daily price.

All the link price tools accessible on the internet base their computations on the website's traffic and popularity. The better ranked a site is, the more overpriced will be its links.

After you achieve this price, you are in a better negotiating position with webmasters who want to buy/sell links. Furthermore, you should be cautious while negotiating on selling links. You might decide to sell a link for one year, and after some months, you notice that your link prices have increased substantially.

Link prices will keep fluctuating as traffic to your site boosts up. More traffic converts to more popularity, and hence your link prices increase. The link price also goes down in case the traffic decreases.

You should utilize our link price calculator under two scenarios. One, you want to buy links to a site, or you want to sell links to your website. In either situation, you will need to utilize our link price checker as you would have no idea about buying/selling links on the internet.

As the web is not restricted to any particular area and is universal, you don't know from where and who is looking at your website. Furthermore, you won't have any idea about the price of your site and its links. It is where Dupli Checker’s Link Price Calculator pays off. It will precisely compute the worth of your links and of any website you plan to link to.

You should utilize it if you want to purchase links to a website. Enter the website's URL, and you will get the price for its links. If the website owner sets a higher price, you can notify him/her that you have checked their price for the link. Also, if you move towards selling a link, you will be estimated a bargain price. You can request more or ask them to check the link price and afterward discuss with you.

Selling website on the internet through links is quite complex as each and every individual wish to strike for best possible deals. Utilizing our link price calculator is just the initial step in establishing a market price. The actual deal will include some more aspects. It is specifically the case if the other website wants to run ads on your website. Afterward, it becomes a different game as it not only links but space as well on your website that you are selling.

So reap the unlimited benefits of Link Price Calculator available at Dupli Checker!