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Download videos from popular social networking website Facebook using our online Facebook video downloader. By pasting the URL in the field and clicking the download button, you can download any video from Facebook.

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How to Download Facebook Reel?

The process of Facebook reels video download doesn’t include any convolutions. You can download Facebook reel easily by following the simple steps shared below.

  • Open Facebook on your web browser.
  • Copy the URL of the Facebook reel you want to download and paste it into our free Facebook reel downloader.
  • Press the Download Facebook Reels button to save the desired Facebook reel on your device.

How Does Facebook Reels Downloader Work?

The Facebook reels are a kind of short video that Facebook has added to its platform. The Facebook reel feature is accessible on both (desktop & mobile) versions. You can say that Facebook reels are similar to Instagram reels. Once you open Facebook on your device, you will see a dedicated reels area.

With our Facebook reels downloader, you can download Facebook reels directly to your device's account storage. You can open the Facebook Reels tab. Copy the URL of any reel you want to save and paste it on our Facebook reels video downloader. The Facebook reels video download process is entirely web-based and doesn’t require any installation from you. You can access this Fb reels downloader from your smartphones or PCs to download FB reel without facing any restrictions.

Effective Ways to Get Facebook Reel Link

Are you interested in Facebook reels download online? If yes, then you might think about how you can fetch a Facebook reel link. To FB reels download here are the effective ways that smartphone and desktop users can follow!

For Mobile

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Find the Facebook reel that you want to download.
  • Tap the share icon.
  • Tap the copy link button to get the Facebook reel URL.

For Desktop

  • Access Facebook through your web browser.
  • Browse the Facebook reel that you wish to download.
  • Click 3 dots at the top right of the reel.
  • Click the copy link option to get its URL.

Features You Get with Facebook Reels Download

Facebook reels video download utility stands out from its counterparts available over the web due to its exceptional features. These features include the following:

Super Fast and Flawless

The Facebook reel downloader on Duplichecker has super-fast algorithms that generate results for all users in a matter of seconds. In addition, this FB reel downloader makes sure to fetch and deliver flawless results; it won’t download a wrong reel to your device.

100% Free and Secured

There are no charges associated with the usage of Facebook reels download online. It’s an absolutely free-of-cost FB reel downloader that offers users from all over the globe a safe and secure way to download Facebook reels.

Better Quality Reels

The Facebook reel downloader won’t disappoint you with the quality of the reels. You can get the reels by selecting your desired quality on your own, from 360p to 1080p, before downloading them.

Compatible with All Platforms

The super-compatibility of this Facebook reel downloader allows you to access it through a device running on OS. From Mac to Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, this Facebook reels video downloader is supported by all major operating systems and lets you download Facebook reel without worrying about getting a specific device.

Unlimited Downloads

There is no need to wonder about facing any restrictions on the usage of this Facebook reels download tool. This platform offers an option of unlimited downloads to all of its users. So, you can download as many Facebook reels as you want anytime, anywhere!

Facebook Reel to MP4

Do you want to make sure that your Facebook reel is downloaded to your device in MP4 format? This Facebook reel to MP4 downloader makes sure that it entertains your request in the best possible way and provides you with an MP4 file that’s compatible with your device.

Benefits of Downloading Facebook Reels Online

You may think about how this Facebook reel downloader can benefit you. Here are the possible advantages of using this utility to download Facebook reels.

Access to Content Offline

Internet connectivity isn’t available to people all the time, especially when they are traveling to remote areas. In such cases, you may feel a need to access your favorite content offline. Thanks to the Facebook reels video download tool, you can instantly save reels from this popular social networking site and watch them whenever you want without worrying about having an internet connection.

Easy Sharing

Have you ever come across a Facebook reel that you wish to share with your friends in a WhatsApp group or personal DM? Downloading Facebook reels can make the process of sharing this type of copy easy for everyone. Sharing the URL of a Facebook reel is possible, but many people don’t like to access a URL and then watch it. Alternatively, the Facebook reels download tool can play an important part here by providing you with the same reel on your device in no time and making it easy for you to share it wherever you want!

Keeping a Personal Archive

The content creators on Facebook are involved in creating interesting reels that the audience can watch to gain information or get entertained. With the help of a Facebook reels downloader, you can save Facebook reels to create your own playlist and get your favorite content amassed in a single place.

Saving Data Usage

Another issue with browsing reels on Facebook is that they consume a lot of data. If you have a limited broadband package, you won’t be able to watch your desired Facebook reels unlimited times. You can save yourself from this nuisance by downloading your favorite content through an online Facebook reels download tool.

Legal Notices

It holds great importance to state here that DupliChecker doesn’t support any copyrighted reels. We don’t encourage anyone to save Facebook reels made by other people or organizations and have copyrights. Moreover, we don’t support downloading Facebook reels of other creators without seeking their permission. Anyone who downloads Facebook reels that have copyrights is solely responsible for any circumstances, and we don’t bear any responsibility in this regard.

It is recommended to use this Facebook reel downloader only for saving non-copyrighted videos and for personal use. We don’t hold any authority and responsibility if any copyright infringement occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Save Facebook Reels to My Device?

Yes! It is possible to save Facebook reels to your device. By simply pasting the link of the Facebook reel in the given field on this Facebook reels video downloader, you can save it on your device instantaneously.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Facebook Reels I Can Download?

No! The Facebook reels downloader by Duplichecker doesn’t impose limitations on its usage. You can download as many Facebook reels as you want without facing any restrictions.

Can I Download Facebook Reel from a Private Account?

No! Facebook reels download tool doesn’t allow the users to save reels from a private account, as it is illegal to breach the security and privacy of any platform or a user.

What is the Format of Downloaded Facebook Reels?

The Facebook reels can be downloaded in MP4 format through this online Facebook reels downloader.