XML Beautifier

Beautify your unstructured XML code with our XML Beautifier, which also provides correct indentation, spaces, and newlines and makes it well-formatted code.

About XML Beautifier by Duplichecker

XML beautifier is an online utility designed for people who are involved in dealing with XML files and codes. The basic function of an XML prettify tool is to add indentations in complex XML codes to make it easier for developers to go through them. The manual process of beautifying XML codes often ends up with inaccuracies. Therefore, DupliChecker has developed this automated XML code beautifier to eliminate all the difficulties involved in beautifying XML files. Besides being complicated, beautifying XML is also a time-consuming chore. The code beautifier saves you from facing this hurdle as well because it completes the same task in a matter of instance.

How to Beautify XML?

The users don’t have to learn any technical procedures for beautifying XML code with this XML beautifier online. You can prettify XML files with this XML code beautifier by following the simple instructions given below.

  • Access the XML code beautifier.
  • Upload the XML file stored on your device or copy-paste the code in the box provided.
  • Click on the Beautify XML button. .
  • The results are generated and displayed in a matter of seconds. .

What is XML?

XML is an abbreviation of extensible markup language, and it’s widely used by developers for storing and transporting data over the web. XML is quite similar to HTML, but it doesn’t have much of a function except for wrapping up information in tags. The tags of XML aren’t predefined like the ones of HTML. This language simplifies data sharing and transporting as it stores data in plain text format. With XML, it becomes much simpler to upgrade to new operating systems without losing data.

Let’s look at an example that shows an XML file with and without formatting.

Why Should You Use XML Beautifier?

In the developing process, a developer has to create various tags. XML is a productive language, but the files created by developers are mostly untidy, and making their appearance better is a difficult task. You should use an XML beautifier, as it will save you an ample amount of time and make this difficult task a piece of cake.

Even for a professional developer, it’s not possible to create an errorless file while maintaining the appearance of codes readable. Therefore, an XML code beautifier has become a necessity for all developers as they can get their hands on beautified XML codes without conducting any errors.

Benefits of Clean or Beautified XML Code

If you have been involved in creating XML codes, you would already know how hard is the prettifying process. Let’s discuss the benefits you can enjoy with clean or pretty XML codes.

Easy to Read and Edit:

The formatted or beautified XML codes create so much ease for the developers to easily read the tags and data. You can easily edit another developer’s XML file if you use the code beautifier utility for beautifying it.

Easy to Add New Comments:

If your XML file is messy and doesn’t contain proper indentations, it wouldn’t be possible for you to add new comments. However, an XML code beautifier will implement accurate indentations on your uploaded file, which will allow you to easily add new comments.

Consistent beautifying:

The XML beautifier will provide you with consistent beautifying of an XML that is created by multiple developers. None of the developers will find it difficult to scan or understand a clean XML code.

Customize the Indentation with Online XML Beautifier

The indentation process simplifies an XML file and makes the code contained in it easy to understand for everyone. If you go for manually indenting an XML, you’ll end up creating several errors that are going to waste your efforts and hard work. The online XML beautifier resolves this query for the developers as they don’t have to indent lines of XML codes on their own. This automated tool will generate a properly indented XML file instantaneously.

Do I Need to Install Software to Use XML Beautifier?

The straightforward answer to this question is no. You don’t have to install any application software or plugin for using this utility. This code beautifier is a web-based utility that just asks users to connect their device to an internet connection for getting access to it. Our XML code beautifier is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems. Whether your device is running on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, you can easily access this tool and start beautifying XML codes.

Is it Safe to Use this XML Code Beautifier Online?

It’s absolutely safe and sound to use this code beautifier utility on DupliChecker.com. We understand that none of the users will ever want to use a tool where their XML codes’ confidentiality is in danger. You don’t have to worry about your data secrecy when using our XML code beautifier. We are providing a 100% secured tool that doesn’t keep your data in its databases or pass it to third-party sources. Your uploaded XML codes or files are automatically deleted from our servers as soon as the beautifying process is completed.