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About PayPal Fee Calculator

PayPal is an online payment system that operates worldwide and makes it quick and easier for people to send or receive money. For making transactions with this Paypal Calculator, you’ll have to pay a commission to PayPal. Most of the time, people are unaware of how much they are paying to PayPal for each transaction. The PayPal fee calculator is a web-based utility designed specifically for helping people calculate the additional amount they are being charged on each transaction. This tool helps you figure out the net payment you’ll receive after the PayPal fee deduction. You don’t need to rely on manual calculations or estimates anymore, as this tool is here to provide you with the exact amount charged by PayPal on each payment.

How to Use our PayPal Fee Calculator?

This PayPal fee calculator isn’t based on any intricate procedures to be followed by the users. You can access our PayPal fee calculator and use it by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Access this PayPal fees calculator,
  • Now you will find a box where you have to enter the payment amount in dollars.
  • Now, click on the “Calculate PayPal Fee” button.

The tool will process the entered amount and display the PayPal fee against it in a matter of seconds. It will also let you know the amount you should ask for or the payment you will receive after deducting or summing the PayPal fee.

Types of PayPal Fees

If you are looking forward to making an account on PayPal, you should know that there are no fees to open an account. You are not charged any fee for making transactions from your PayPal balance. Let’s look into the different types of PayPal fees you may be charged while using this payment method.

Sending Money:

The fee rate charged by PayPal on every transaction made from the US is 2.9% of the cost plus $0.30. For instance, if you have to send $100 to anyone, you will be charged $3.2 for making this transaction through PayPal.

Receiving Money:

You don’t have to pay any fees on receiving money through PayPal. However, there’s no surety that the sender would be charged with a fee or not, depending upon whether he/she is using a PayPal account or credit card for sending the payment. This is only for US-based transactions, as the scenario for international transactions is different. The money you’re receiving from outside the US will be charged with 1% as an international fee.

Transaction Fees:

If you are making payments to purchase a good or service with your PayPal account balance, then there will be no transaction fees. The payments through credit card or bank account are charged with a similar rate, i.e., 2.9% of the amount plus $0.30.

Why Choose Us?

When you search for a PayPal fees calculator on the internet, you’ll come across a number of platforms providing this service. The advanced algorithm of this tool will calculate PayPal goods and services fees. The benefits you can enjoy by using this PayPal calculator are as follows:

User-friendly interface:

You will not face any trouble while using this PayPal fee calculator as it provides a great user experience. Whether you have a mobile device or desktop, you’ll be able to enjoy the same quality of service.

Accuracy in calculations:

Another benefit of using this online PayPal fee calculator is that it doesn’t provide you with an estimated value. This tool calculates the exact PayPal fee that you would have to pay against any amount.

Time-saving tool:

While using manual methods to calculate PayPal fee, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. But with this PayPal calculator, you can get the results in a matter of instance. Plus, there will be no doubts about the precision of calculations.

Save money:

You don’t have to pay a penny for using Paypal fee calculator. It doesn’t ask its users to purchase any premium account and allows the users to perform unlimited calculations.

How Does PayPal Work for Sellers?

As discussed earlier, the sellers have to bear the PayPal fee upfront if they use their bank accounts or credit cards to send or receive the money. If you want to avoid this fee, you can start using PayPal to receive and send all payments. The international transactions deal with a different approach, as you’ll have to pay 1% of the amount for receiving the US’s payment from other countries.

What About the Friends and Family Fee for PayPal?

No fee is charged from both the sender and receiver of the payment if you select the friends and family fee option in PayPal. However, one of the drawbacks of this option is that PayPal will not protect the sender’s payment. If the sender and receiver have both agreed upon using the friends and family method on PayPal transactions, then it’s a good way to avoid paying commission fees to PayPal.

How Much is PayPal Fee Charged Per Invoice?

Within the United States, the fees charged per invoice by PayPal is 2.9% of the cost plus $0.30. Whereas, for international transactions, you have to pay 4.4% of the amount + sales fee based on the trading country.

How is the PayPal Fee Calculated in the UK?

The PayPal fee is calculated in the UK by taking 2.9% of the original amount plus £0.30.