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Try our fraction calculator to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions within a few clicks.


Follow the steps below to calculate fractions using our fraction calculator online.

  • Choose the number of fractions you desire to calculate.
  • Enter the values in the given fields.
  • Select the operations [+, -, *, /] from the drop-down.
  • Hit the Calculate button.

You will receive answers in fractions in the lowest terms or mixed numbers in reduced form.

Duplichecker fractions calculator allows users to calculate fractions immediately. Here are some features of this online fraction calculator.

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Flexible Input Options

The fraction solver provides you with different input options. Users can insert positive and negative values on this facility to calculate fractions. Besides, this calculator is capable of handling proper and improper values entered by the users. No complications will be associated with this entire calculation process.

Multiple Calculation Modes

Our fractions calculator is perfect for all arithmetic calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Simply select a calculation mode from the given options (+, -, *, \). Our fraction solver will process your input values according to the selected calculation mode and gives you the quickest and most accurate results.

Our fraction calculator serves people from various fields who need to perform fraction calculations.


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Are you one of those individuals who want to learn how to calculate fractions? Look no further, as below we will explain the methods of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.

Adding Fractions

  • First of all, identify the least common denominator (LCD).
  • Find the number you require to multiply the denominator by to get the result in the least common denominator for your first fraction.
  • Now, you need to multiply that number by the numerator and denominator.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every single fraction.
  • For adding fractions, add the fraction numerators.
  • Transform improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  • Reduce the fraction to the lowest terms.

Formula for Adding Fractions

a b + c d = a d + b c b d


Below is an example of adding fractions:


a = 3, b = 6, c = 2, d = 4

3/6 + 2/4 = {(3×4) + (6×2)} / 6×4

12 + 12 / 24

24 / 24


Subtracting Fractions

  • To subtract fractions, first find out the least common denominator.
  • Then, identify the number you suppose to multiply the denominator by to result in the least common denominator.
  • Now, multiply the numerator and denominator by that number.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every fraction.
  • For subtracting fractions, subtract the fraction numerators.
  • Transform improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  • Reduce the fraction to the lowest terms.

Formula for Subtracting Fractions

a b c d = a d b c b d


Here are the following examples of subtracting fractions.


a = 3, b = 6, c = 2, d = 4

3/6 − 2/4 = {(3×4) − (6×2)} 6×4

12 - 12 / 24


Multiplying Fractions

  • First, multiply all numerators together.
  • After that, multiply all denominators together.
  • Reduce the result to the lowest terms.

Formula for Multiplying Fractions

a b × c d = a c b d


Here is the example of multiplying fractions shared below.


a = 3, b = 6, c = 2, d = 4

3/6 x 2/4 = 3×2 / 6x4


6 ÷ 6 / 24 ÷ 6

1 / 4

Dividing Fractions

  • To divide the fractions, you need to restructure the entire equation as in "Keep, Change, Flip"
  • Keep the first fraction as it is
  • Then, simply change the division sign to multiplication.
  • Lastly, flip the second fraction by swapping the top and bottom numbers.
  • Now, multiply all numerators together.
  • After that, multiply all denominators together.
  • Reduce the result to the lowest terms.

Formula for Dividing Fractions

a b ÷ c d = a d b c


Here is an example of dividing fractions.


a = 3, b = 6, c = 2, d = 4

Add the values in the formula,

3/6 ÷ 2/4 = 3×4 / 6×2

3/6 x 4/2

(3 x 4) / (6 x 2)



Mixed Number Fraction Calculation

Mixed numbers are basically the combination of whole numbers and proper fractions that are placed together. You can save time and ensure accuracy in mixed number calculations with our mixed number calculator.

Fraction to Decimal Calculation

The fraction to decimal calculation is a simple arithmetic process that can be performed using a web-based fraction to decimal calculator.

Decimal to Fraction Calculation

Decimal to fraction conversion is the process of representing a decimal number as a fraction. Try our decimal to fraction calculator to conduct the decimal to fraction calculation.

Mixed Fraction to Decimal Calculation

A mixed fraction is a fraction that has both a whole number and a proper fraction. To perform a mixed fraction into decimal use our mixed fraction to decimal calculator.

Are There Any Limitations to Using This Fraction Calculator?

Absolutely not! This free online fraction calculator has no usage restrictions. You are free to perform as many fraction calculations as you want using our service.

Can This Fractions Calculator Show the Result in Decimal Numbers?

No! This fraction calculator online shows the result only in fraction mode.

How Many Fractions Can I Calculate at Once?

This highly advanced fractions calculator allows you to calculate up to 6 fractions in a single go.

What is “OF” term in Fraction?

In this question, the term “OF” means multiplication,

For Example, 3/4 of 5/11

In this, you need to multiply to solve 3/4 × 5/11.

So, here is the solution:

For fraction multiplication, multiply the numerators and then multiply the denominators to get

3×5 / 4×11 = 15 / 44

This fraction cannot be further reduced.


3/4 of 5/11 = 15/44