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CPM Calculator by DupliChecker

We have developed CPM calculator for advertisers or anyone who wants to calculate CMP online. CPM calculation wasn’t an easy task that needed adequate time and resources. If you used the manual method, then you required mathematical skills to find accurate values. Both the processes included intricacies that led a person to make wrong calculations.

However, the CPM calculator offered by DupliChecker.com allows you to calculate the cost per thousand impressions with a few clicks on your device, and get rid of all those hectic requirements. You also don’t have to install any application on your device to find the Cost of CPM. Our cost per mile Calculator allows you to find the value of CPM from any part of the globe, by having a stable connection to the internet.

How to use our CMP Calculator?

The straightforward method and clear options make this online CPM calculator extremely easy to use. You can find the value of CPM by following this simple set of instructions.

  • After accessing this page, Enter campaign cost, the value of CPM, or the value of ad impressions. Enter any two values.
  • Click on the “Calculate CPM” button to start the process after entering the values.
  • The cost per impression results will be displayed on your screen within a matter of seconds.

How to calculate CPM manually?

The manual method of calculating CPM is based on the following formula, which enables you to find the Cost of CPM quickly. The example given below will help you in understanding the process of finding the cost per impression with the help of the formula.

CPM Formula:

CPM = (Ad Spend ÷ Ad Impressions) x 1000

Now, we will put values in the formula,

CPM = (100 ÷ 5000) x 1000

= (0.02) x 1000

= 20

So, you can see that if you invest $100 in an ad campaign for 5000 impressions, then the CPM will be $20.

What is CPM?

Cost per mille (CPM) denotes the price that you need to pay for every 1000 impressions. CPM plays a vital role in online marketing and often used by the people who run ads in an excessive amount or have to deal with the advertisement procedures, to manage the cost of their marketing endeavor. The appropriate estimation of CPM enables you to analyze the cost of a project, including the marketing fee.

Difference between CPA, CPC, and CPM


CPM stands for cost per mille. Mille is a Latin word that means one thousand; hence, CPM is the cost that you need to pay against one thousand impressions. CPM is a crucial element in the marketing process, as it defines the amount you need to pay to acquire impressions on your advertisement.


CPC stands for cost per click, and this is the amount that website owners charge to advertisers for each click on their ad. Google is one of the top platforms famous for its CPC and advertising strategies. You may also have seen various Google ads while browsing the web.


Cost per action, or also known as cost per acquisition is the amount that an advertiser pays to the media companies only if the user clicks on the ad and performs some action on it.

What is CPM in advertising?

Digital advertisement includes various strategies and processes that enable a company to promote its products or services to the targeted audience. The cost of this marketing campaign is a crucial element that must be analyzed before initiating the process. Cost per impression plays a critical role in this regard. You can calculate the amount that you need to pay to various sites for promoting your products on their webpages.

Our online CPM calculator is the best option that you could find over the web to estimate the Cost of CPM. You can use this online facility to evaluate the amount that you may have to pay to promote your products on various platforms per thousand impressions.

What is the average CPM on each social platform?

Many social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., offer advertisers to promote their business on their platforms. However, it is mandatory for a business owner to know the CPM rate of these sites before making a decision. The following table will assist you in getting familiar with the CPM rate of social platforms.


$6.59 per 1000 impression


$7.19 per 1000 impression


$7.91 per 1000 impression


$9.68 per 1000 impression


$6.46 per 1000 impression


$30 per 1000 impression