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How to Write a Paragraph?

Writing a paragraph has become a hassle-free task with the help of an online paragraph generator. Follow the simple steps shared below to write a paragraph for free:

  • Enter the prompt for the paragraph you wish to write in the given field.
  • Select the tone of the paragraph.
  • Hit the “Write Paragraph” button to initiate the paragraph writing process.
  • Copy or download the generated paragraph with a single click.

Paragraph Tones Used by DupliChecker’s AI Paragraph Generator

DupliChecker’s AI paragraph generator offers you the flexibility to choose the tone of the text you wish to generate to meet your specific needs.

Here are the paragraph tones offered by this AI Paragraph writer:


The formal tone can be used to generate paragraphs for setups where a serious and respectful tone is required. It is suitable for academic papers, professional documents, and official communications.


If you are looking to write a paragraph in a more relaxed and informal tone, then you should select this option. The casual tone can be used to generate passages for blog posts, social media updates, or personal communications.


The professional tone can be used to generate paragraphs when you must balance casual and formal. You can use this tone for writing business emails, reports, or presentations.


When you need to write a paragraph to engage the readers, you can set the tone to be conversational. This tone mimics a natural conversation, which makes it perfect for storytelling scenarios.

Key Features of Our AI Paragraph Writer

Duplichecker’s AI paragraph writer includes a variety of advanced features. Some exceptional features of this random paragraph generator include the following:

Automated Well-Structured Paragraphs

The free AI paragraph generator automates the process of generating well-structured and compelling paragraphs. You don’t need to invest time and effort while writing paragraphs; as the tool will help you generate paragraphs with a single click.

Customizable Tone Suggestions

Using our online paragraph writing tool, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the tone. You can select a tone of the paragraph you wish to generate from the available options, which include formal, casual, professional, and conversational.

Prompt-Based Response

DupliChecker’s free paragraph generator runs on a prompt-based AI model that allows users to enter the instructions, topic, or theme for the paragraph as a prompt. As a result, the paragraph maker will generate a specific response according to the instructions submitted by the user.

Ease of Use

Our free paragraph writer doesn’t cause its users to get into any kind of trouble. Its user-friendly interface allows everyone to navigate the tool and generate their desired paragraphs without following intricate procedures.

Plagiarism Prevention

The random paragraph generator produces 100% unique results. You don't have to worry about plagiarism in the response displayed by this tool. Your paragraphs will be engaging, well-structured, and informative without plagiarism. For complete assurance that you have the original passage, you can run it through our free plagiarism checker.

Accessibility and Compatibility

Our AI paragraph maker is easily accessible from every corner of the world. Its super-compatibility with all kinds of devices helps users generate paragraphs anytime, anywhere. No matter what browser you use, you can easily access this paragraph writing tool on DupliChecker and generate compelling paragraphs on the go.

Benefits Of AI Paragraph Generator

Our free paragraph writer offers several advantages to its users. Here are the benefits you can enjoy by using this paragraph generator free:

Enhanced Efficiency

If you wish to create compelling content efficiently, you should utilize our paragraph creator. This tool streamlines the writing process and allows users to generate unique, well-written, and engaging paragraphs easily and quickly.

Time-Saving Capabilities

You’ll have to spend hours manually writing a paragraph. The assistance of a paragraph writing tool can speed up this process and help you write a paragraph on any topic in a matter of seconds.

Improved Content Quality

The users can obtain top-notch results with this free paragraph generator. This AI tool is based on advanced NLP & ML algorithms to deliver high-quality paragraphs that match the users' requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The paragraph creator can assist you in all types of writing, including technical. You can simply enter the prompt describing the paragraph you wish to generate. As a result, the tool will deliver the passage as per your requirements.

No! There is no limit to the length of documents that can be generated through this random paragraph generator. It can write a paragraph of your desired length without imposing any restrictions.

The AI paragraph writing tool utilizes advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models to understand the given prompt and generate a response accordingly. It is programmed to avoid plagiarism by carefully handling any concerns related to the replication of existing information. Users can always get original and plagiarism-free text with this online facility.

Our random paragraph generator used various tones to match the needs of the users. Some major writing tones include formal, casual, professional, and conversational.

Yes, the style and tone of the paragraphs that users desire to generate can be customized with the assistance of an AI paragraph writer.