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Calculate the discount with Duplichecker’s Online discount rate calculator which allows you to calculate the final price after discount or amount saved on sale!

Discount Calculator by DupliChecker

Our discount calculator is an online tool based on advanced algorithms for automatically solving discount related problems for everyone in need. Whether you want to find the real price of a product before the discount or the discounted price you’ll be charged for buying any product, you can use this discount calculator tool. Our tool will provide you accurate results without causing any trouble or letting you go through inconveniences.

The manual process of calculating discount ends up consuming an ample amount of time, and the risk of getting incorrect outcomes is high. However, our percent off calculator lets you do the same job in a matter of instance. You don’t need to install any application for the usage of this online utility. It is a web-based utility that works well on all kinds of devices with the help of a good internet connection.

How To Calculate Discount Rate?

You don’t need to sign up or become a registered user of DupliChecker for using its percentage off calculator. This tool comes with an easy to use interface, and you can start discount calculation as soon as you access it. There’s no need to learn the discount formula or follow any hard and fast rules for the usage of this online discount calculator. All you need to calculate the discount is to follow the easy steps given below.

  • Enter the values you have in the boxes provided to find the desired value. You can calculate discount rate, discounted price, or actual price of any product.
  • Click the “Calculate Discount” button given below the boxes.
  • The tool will generate and display results on the user’s screen in a matter of seconds.

How Do I Calculate Discount Manually?

The manual discount calculation is a complex process as you will have to learn the discount rate formula for its execution. The simple way to calculate discount is by taking the discount percentage on the value and deducting the answer from the actual amount. The formula given below will help you figure out the discounted price on any amount.

Discount Formula:

Discounted Price = Actual Price – (Discount rate x Actual Price)

Let’s discuss an example for understanding the functionality of this formula. For instance, an item’s actual selling price is $10000, and the vendor is giving 20% discount to the buyers. The discounted price would be:

Discounted Price = 10000 – (20% x 10000)

Discounted Price = $8000

It means that you will receive a $2000 discount on buying this product.

Types of Discounts

Businesses offer a variety of discounts to their customers. The three main types of discounts are discussed below.

Quantity Discounts:

This type of discount is often given to manufacturers on purchasing raw materials in bulk.

Trade Discounts:

The trade discount is offered on the retail price of a product by a trader to the retailer or wholesaler. This discount allows the retailers to sell the products at the actual price given by the manufacturer while making a profit.

Promotional Discounts:

When a season ends, or a business has been recently set up in a competitive market, it might offer this type of discount to attract customers and boost sales.

Key Features of Our Percentage Discount Calculator

Calculate Discount Amount:

You can calculate discount by entering the discount rate and the actual price of any product, with this discount calculator. This feature will help you know how much amount you’ll be saving by comparing actual and discounted prices.

Calculate Original Amount:

Our tool also allows you to find the actual price of any product by entering the discount rate and discounted price on this discount rate calculator. Many times, the retailers only mention the discounted price you have to pay and the discount rate you’ll be enjoying. In case you want to what was the original amount before the discount, this tool will help you out in no time.

Calculate Discount Rate:

If you know the actual price and discounted price of any product, and you want to figure the discount rate given by the business, just put the amounts in the relevant boxes of this discount rate calculator. The manual process is boring and tedious; hence, this percentage off calculator is here for your rescue.


How Do I Calculate a 10% Discount?

For calculating a 10% discount on any price, you can use the discount calculator and enter the values in the relevant boxes. Or else, you can manually multiply 10% with the actual price to find the amount of discount you will get.

How Do I take 20% of a Price?

The 20% of a price can be taken by multiplying 20% with the actual price. After that, deduct the result from the actual price to get the discounted amount.

How Do I Calculate 30 Percent Off?

You can calculate 30% off of any amount by multiplying it with 30%. The actual price should be deducted from this answer to get the amount after 30 percent off.

How to Find the Original Price?

For calculating the original price, enter the discount rate and the price after discount in the relevant boxes given on discount calculator. As a result, this tool will help display the original price.