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Step 1: At the start of this webpage, you will see a box where you have to enter the domain (either by copy-pasting or typing).

Step 2: The next step is to hit the “Check Referring Domain” button that is present below the URL box.

Step 3: That’s it! In a matter of seconds, the list of referring domains will be displayed in front of you.

A referring domain, also known as “ref domain” is a domain from where a backlink or backlinks are pointing toward a particular site or webpage. For instance, if a website “” contains a link to your webpage, then your referring domain profile will show that you have one referral domain. The referral domain shouldn’t be confused as the number of links. Continuing with the same example, if contains two links to your site or any of its pages, it will still be considered as one referring domain, not two. Referring domains are quite easy to check with DupliChecker’s referring domains checker. As you will enter a web address in this tool, the referring domains will be listed in a few seconds. is the best online platform for acquiring the referring domain information about any site. This referring domains checker doesn’t charge a penny from you. With this tool, you can conduct as many referring domains checks as you want without facing any difficulty or restriction. The intricate procedures of registration and signing in aren’t the part of DupliChecker. The referring domains checker and all other tools work on a single click.

The results generated by our online tool are 100% accurate. You might find some paid online tools for performing this task, but the same and additional results are provided by our tool for free. This advanced referral domain checker also shows the number of backlinks coming from one referral domain, its trust score, domain score, and much more.

Everyone wishes to achieve the first position of search engine result pages, and for that, SEO is fundamental. You might already know the importance of quality backlinks in enhancing SEO. To earn quality backlinks, you will have to find high authority sites that provide links. Referring domains checker can become your helping hand in this situation.

With the help of our tool, you can easily find the domains that are providing links to your competitors’ sites. It’s a good tactic to give a tough competition to your competitors in search engine ranking. After finding out referring domains, you have to approach the websites with high domain scores to get a backlink for them. It’s essential to remember that the focus should be on quality, not quantity. It will ultimately boost your site’s SEO and ranking.

As already mentioned, you can use this tool to find the referral domains of competitors. Plus, it will also prove to be beneficial in keeping an eye on your own referral domains. It’s also stated before that you need quality links pointing towards your site, and to ensure it, you have to check the authority of that website. A referral domain checker can make things easier for you. As you will enter your domain in this tool, it will generate a list of domains that contain links to your site.

After getting hands-on the list, you can figure out their authenticity and authority in the online world. You don’t have to use a separate tool for doing so, as this tool also shows you the domain score, domain trust score, total number of backlinks on a particular domain, IP, and country. All of these results might be enough for you to figure out which referral domain is beneficial and which is harmful.

When a webpage or a website link back to another website or webpage, it’s called a backlink. It doesn’t matter how many times your website is receiving a backlink from a single website as the more, the better. But the backlinks shouldn’t be purchased, low-quality, or out of context as all three of them can destroy your SEO.

On the other hand, referring domains are the websites from where your site is earning backlinks. The number of backlinks has nothing to do with referring domains. If a new domain contains a link to your site, then the referral domains will increase. Otherwise, no matter how many backlinks your site is earning from a single website, your referral domain will stay “1.”

There are many online platforms providing free and premium SEO services, including referring domains checker. But the referring domains checker on DupliChecker is the best one you can find on the web due to several reasons. Some of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy with this online tool are as follows:

Quick Results: With this utility, you can find referral domains of any website in a matter of seconds. You will not have to waste your time in finding this information if you opt to use this tool on our website.

Secure: Privacy of all the users is the utmost priority of our website; therefore, you don’t have to put yourself into the registration process for using this tool. Many users are reluctant to register themselves on websites due to privacy concerns. That’s why this restriction isn’t imposed on using our referring domains checker.

Compatibility: You can access this free online utility from any device. The only thing that is compulsory is a connection to the internet because it is a web-based service. You will not find it difficult to run this tool on all types of devices, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

We are offering free online tools for people living in any part of the globe. There is no restriction or unavailability of our website at any geographical location. We never ask any of our users to install any software or plugin for using our services. All of the tools can be used just after accessing this website from the browser of any device. DupliChecker tries hard to improve its services day by day for helping people in different fields of life, which include students, SEOs, web owners, and developers.