Q: How does Duplichecker work?
A: Duplichecker analyzes each sentence entered in the text box. The text can be entered either ways; copy-paste your text into the text box, enter the URL of the content destination required to be checked, or upload a text file.

Q: How to use Duplichecker?
A: Using Duplichecker is quite simple, and everyone can use it; registered users (unlimited searches) as well as unregistered users (3 searches per day). A user can enter text by copy-paste method, entering the url, or by uploading a text file. Press the ‘Search’ button below the box to enter text. The results will be displayed immediately.

Q: Is it necessary to register?
A: You can only perform 1 searches per day as an unregistered user. In case, you are a person related to the field of writing or editing, then it is beneficial to register yourself, as a registered user has the privilege to perform 50 searches per day.