How does DupliChecker.com work?

DupliChecker.com compares your text to billions of web pages on the internet. The software carefully checks each sentence, ensuring that precision is met with nothing being overlooked.

The plagiarism tool is free to use; however, you need to sign up should you need to use it more than once a day. A registered account allows you the freedom to use the plagiarism checker whenever you want, without ever paying a cent.

How do I use DupliChecker.com?

DupliChecker.com is designed to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of your computer proficiency. Just copy the text and paste it into the search box, and click on the “Check Plagiarism” button. Remember that you can only scan 1000 words at a time, so be sure to split it up into smaller parts should you have a larger file.

Once your text is in the box, hit “Check Plagiarism” to scan it for plagiarism. You will get the results instantly. Any matches found will be displayed below with the corresponding source and the matching text. Should there be no matches found, you can rest assured that your text is 100% unique and have no duplicate copy anywhere on the internet.

My text is too large for me to 'accurately' copy and paste it. What should I do?

DupliChecker.com has the functionality that allows the user to upload the document file to be scanned, as long as it is in txt or docx format. Remember that this plagiarism checker can only scan up to 1000 words per search, so you may want to split your document into smaller parts for this purpose.

I’ve launched a new website, but I suspect that someone else is using my content. How do I check?

In case you need to check an entire website for duplicated content, just copy and paste the URL and place it into the search box. DupliChecker.com can also scan the site in this way for any plagiarized copy on the internet. You will find the results below the search box if there are any matches found.

What other tools do you offer?

After scanning the content for plagiarism, you may also check it for grammatical errors by merely clicking on the “Check Grammar” button. The tool will process your request and give you the results in just a few seconds.

For more Free Tools, you will find a separate tab beside the Home button. These free online tools can help you further in creating high-quality content and also in search engine optimization. SEO plays a crucial role in any online business that is why many website owners, webmasters/administrators, and SEO professionals use these kinds of tools. Meta Analyzer, Page Comparison, Page Rank Checker, Broken Link Checker, Link Tracker, Backlink Checker, Domain Checker, and Page Authority Checker are just some of the most popular tools that you can use to optimize your website. For a complete list of free SEO Tools, please go to https://www.duplichecker.com/free-tools.php.

Does DupliChecker.com use cookies?

Cookies are typically used by web browsers to offer personalized content, remember login details, and account settings to name a few. DupliChecker.com uses cookies because they are needed to collect usage and analytic data that help provide the Site, Software, as well as Services to our customers. Also, this allows us to deliver ads for relevant DupliChecker.com products and services to you whenever you visit certain web pages.

Is there a way to disable, delete, or modify cookies?

Yes, you can disable or delete cookies any time you like by simply following your web browser’s instructions.

Do you store any of the content after each scan?

DupliChecker.com values the privacy of all our users that is why we do not store any scanned content in our database. We at DupliChecker.com do not monitor or track all User Content that is being transmitted through our website. The software is designed using a unique algorithm to process and check the content automatically.

I’m worried about giving out my personal information when I register. Do I have to register to use DupliChecker.com?

We are bound by law and legislation which prevents us from using your personal information for any other purposes. We also cannot sell or trade your personal information to third parties. Rest assured that we take your privacy seriously, and we will never disclose your personal data to anyone.

If you want to use DupliChecker.com several times in an efficient manner, then you will have to register using your email. Registered users have full access to the software, whereas guest users can only use the plagiarism checker once per day. Either way, we do not collect fees when using the software – it is a free online tool for anyone to use.

If I need to register, how will you protect my Personal Information?

DupliChecker.com is keen to protect the security of your personal information and takes all safety measures to protect it. But, as it is data transmissions over the internet, be it through a wired or wireless connection, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe. So, whenever you use this site, you acknowledge that you do it at your own risk.

How will DupliChecker.com use my Personal Information?

DupliChecker.com use your Personal Information to send you updates via email. We only intend to deliver business or promotional communications to our users with prior consent. Should you wish to terminate it, you may do so by clicking the "unsubscribe" button that can be found within DupliChecker.com emails. Alternatively, you may change your contact preferences. However, you may continue to get transactional notifications about our Services even if you have unsubscribed from the marketing emails.