Reverse Image Search On iPhone

How Do You Do A Image Search On iPhone?

The reverse image search option is available on every platform but the procedure to use is different. Some sites can be used over computers where you can upload the image you want to look for but using direct search engines requires a different process on iPhone.

On iOS devices, it depends on what browser you are using or if you can install a third party app, let’s discuss this in detail.

First One Is for Safari

Safari is the default browser for iPhone, and you can go to the reverse image search engine site, like Google to look for the images.

  • When you are at the page of reverse search, you need to find the share button at the bottom of the screen and scroll to see the share button in the menu.
  • Upon tapping share, you will be given a couple of options to choose from, amongst them you will find “Request Desktop Site” which will reload the page.
  • When reloaded you will find the camera icon near the search bar as we see in computers browser. Either you can tap on it and choose a file from your storage, or you can provide the link to the picture if it is present somewhere over the internet.

The Second Option Is Google Chrome

It is as simple as using a browser on a computer but with no mouse.

  • Install the Google Chrome app from the App Store and start it.
  • Search for the image if it is present somewhere online.
  • Tap and hold the picture for about two seconds, and you will see a pop-up with a few options.
  • Select “Search Google for this image” and the next thing you have to do is wait until the search is done and you get the results.

And If You Have an Image on Your iPhone Then:

  • Open the which is the link to reverse image search.
  • Open the app and look for the three dots in its upper right corner. Which will show a menu when tapped on them, in that menu you have to select the Request Desktop Site.
  • When selected, the page will reload and will appear as it does in a computer, and you will find the Camera option right beside the search bar to upload images from your iPhone.

Third-party Apps

There are several third-party apps that you can use to perform reverse image search one of the best ones used from iOS is REVERSEE.

This app comes with an extension for your default Safari browser. When enabled it allows you to select any picture from the page and even crop it for an accurate result. It will search for the results in Google’s Database and will display instantly.

Another app which is widely used by iPhone users who aren’t aware of the browser’s procedure is Veracity.

This app is undoubtedly one of the best

And it has options like if you want to upload an image from Gallery, Dropbox or Camera roll. You can check for various pictures and people’s photos on this platform, and it will provide you with quite impressive results. It comes with a photo editor in case you want to exclude a slice of an image from the search. All other functions begin with a one-dollar price tag.

So, the best way would be using your default browser because these third-party apps do the same work as Google’s Reverse Image Search. For a newbie definitely, you will prefer using these apps because you don’t know how to use a browser for this purpose unless you search on how to do it over iPhone.

Google Reverse Image Search

How Do I Reverse Google Image Search?

Reverse image search is all about finding information present over the cyberspace. Everyone from somewhere somehow is connected to the internet, either they use a social or a business network over the internet, or they are tagged in group photos. Almost no one is invisible to the internet except for the people who are still unknown to this world, and these people won’t reach us over this worldwide network unless they have the knowledge and a connection. People who use internet use various applications which are connected to the search engines. These search engines index all the images, profiles and any related information on its servers.

There is an uncomplicated course of action that you need to follow if you are using a computer or an Android smartphone.

If You Are Using A Computer or An Android Smartphone

These steps can be followed if you wish to upload using Chrome browser

  1. You will need to be sure if you are using Chrome browser because this is the most compatible browser for this purpose.
  2. Next, you can either look for google Reverse Image Search in Google’s search engine bar, or you can go directly to the link: this is where you will be following the given below steps.
  3. You will find a camera icon in the search bar which upon selecting will give two tabs to choose from. One will be if you have the URL of the image like a profile picture or image of an item that you wish to buy and want to compare with others of its kind. The next option is to upload an Image. This is where you can upload a photo from your computer or smartphone.
  4. When you are done providing the URL or selecting the image from your computer all you have to do is upload it by using the button open or choose.

If You Are Using Firefox, You Can Drag and Drop Pictures

  • Open the browser and follow the same procedure as given in the second step up there.
  • Make sure you have the folder that contains the image open.
  • When the links open, all you have to do is click and hold the image from the folder.
  • Drag and drop it on the search bar which will allow the tool to upload the picture.

When the picture uploads all you have to do is click on the “Search” button. It is not essential to just drag and drop in Firefox you can even provide the link of the picture or can upload the same way we did while using chrome. This method is only for your convenience because if you want to provide a URL, it takes sometimes. Let’s say if you are using Internet Explorer you will need to right click on the image you want to search for, go to properties, copy the URL by highlighting and using the short cut keys or selecting the copy option from your right click menu. Then you can paste it in the Google image search bar to complete the task, which is why drag and drop or uploading file is much more comfortable.

The Simplest Way in Google Chrome

If you are using this browser and you saw an image on a website or a social network, then all you have to do is right click on the image and look for where it says Search Google for the picture. When clicked, it will open another tab where it will take you to the Google images page. This is where all the results will be displayed. Remember, these results are only from the servers of Google, for other search engines you might need to follow different steps or you can use DupliChecker’s reverse image search tool which will look into all the search engine’s databases to provide best results.

Best Image Search Engine

What Is the Best Image Search Engine?

Finding an excellent reverse image search engine is no doubt a strenuous job for the right image. The cause is not all the photos sometimes are present in every search engine’s database which is why we should consider trying other options too. The best one so far is the Google image search which is widely used plus the link supports all devices which have chrome installed on them. Google is the oldest search engine which launched this service in 2011, the reason why it stands on number one is it contains almost all information provided on websites about everything. It indexes nearly every single page of a site that includes vital information or images swifter than others.

It roughly takes a few weeks for a site to appear in SERPs but if the information is essential and an updated version of some article is present over the web then it might get indexed faster.

The following are the best photo search engines so far:

•    Duplichecker

With almost fifteen billion indexed pictures, according to the company, it was the first one to introduce an image search. It is not difficult to use the service; the methods are quite similar to the one Google has. You can drag and drop images, or select a file to upload. The only problem with this search engine is it doesn’t recognize people in the picture which is no ordinary limitation because sometimes we need to look for people we find over the internet.

Bing Image Match

I’m sure you have heard about this one. Some of us thought maybe it is the best one around since it comes with browsers like Microsoft Edge as a toolbar for better convenience. The uploading or searching method is the same except you don’t have to go to a link since the toolbar is present in the browser all you have to do is provide the URL or use the upload button.

The reason why one would go to find image for this search engine is a big IF (if you don’t find what you are looking for on Google’s Image search engine). Also, it has an application available for smartphones, but it is not available in all the countries.

•    The Pinterest Search Tool

This is the tool for people who use the Pinterest App or are aware of its purpose. It’s almost five years old and is made with the most advanced tech today. This is where you can take a picture of what you want to look for and instantly put a search on it. If you have a group photo of someone and want to look for just one person, then you can drag the zoom tool inside the app over that person’s face and hit the search button. If you want to run a search on this app, then you will need to make an account upload a pin first. After which you can use the app freely anytime to find something in the Pinterest database.

Why Go for The Google Reverse Image Search?

The reason is quite elementary, Google contains the most extensive database and has most of the information on other databases as well. People mostly switch to Google after searching for something over Bing because they don’t get the results they expect. Google’s image search is free to use, and there is no limit to the file size that you upload or how many quests you can make. The only thing that bothers us is the time consumption when we have to use other search engines.

If you don’t want to use a search engine, then you can go for the tool present on DupliChecker’s site. It will look for the image in all the search engines databases for you that don’t require registration like Pinterest.

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