Microsoft Search Engine

Don’t you just love it when you can get everything all from one place well if you do then you might want to check in the Microsoft search engine this service is considered one of the best in the world? The common word being used for this search engine is “Bing”. This was launched by Microsoft on 28th May 2009 though it became fully functional on 1st of June. Continue reading


Meaning of Punctuations are the marks that separate the sentence from each other and provide interpretations among the words. Punctuation is the tool that is used to clear the meaning of the words. Punctuation is used in the written documents. In verbal communication, if one wants to emphasize the words then used to change the tone while speaking but in written form punctuations are used to emphasize the words and facts etc. Punctuations are used for an effective way of producing sentences and paragraphs. Continue reading

The Writing Process

Whether you know it or not, there’s a process of writing – which many writers follow naturally. If you’re just getting started as a writer, though, or if you always find it a struggle to produce an essay, short story or blog, following the writing process will help. Let us explain briefly what each stage of the writing process involves. Continue reading

Content-based Image search

The Reverse Image Search tool works on the principal of content-based technology and it is a special kind of search engine which allows you to find information and data about any particular picture without entering keywords. This is one of the easiest ways for searching, in which you don’t need to input any keywords, instead of it you have to insert a picture and asks the reverse image search tool to find out similar photos. With the help of this tool, you are able to know everything that you wish to ask without keywords.

Most of the people are unknown with this service, and they don’t know how to make a search through pictures, and meanwhile, they cannot get more information that they can get through a picture. Almost 70% of people are overlooking this tool and do not even want to know about it because they think it is useless. But the fact is that an image search tool is a perfect tool and you can get all relevant information about a picture with just uploading a photo by clicking the “Browse” button. 

The image search tool

The best website to initiate a search with content-based technology. It uses CBIR technology that purely fetches data on the basis of pictures. When you upload a picture in this tool, the image search will initiate its search and provide you with more accurate information than that information which you get through typing keywords. The tool fetches data from popular search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The results include similar photos, similar size, and colors of the picture. There is no limit for the size or type of the picture which you want to upload just select the picture and initiate your search for free. Also, when you use this tool the chances of finding similar photos or related information are extremely high.

In today’s world of technology

Where internet is used for many purposes, this image search tool is widely used to search for information about any picture whether the picture is about a person, place or product. What you need to do is to simply upload the picture and click on the “” to run reverse image hunt. Then, wait for a few seconds for results. The results will include similar images, information and other related pictures that have the same size and dimensions.

The tool is very useful for professional photographers as they are able to find out those websites, web pages that are using their pictures without taking prior permission or crediting them. The image search tool will accept almost all kind of pictures that include jpeg, jpg, png, and GIF file formats and also it does not have a limit for using this tool, you can use this tool as many times as you required within a day. Just you need to have is a stable internet connection and a laptop for using this tool.

By using this tool,

If you are able to highlight the sources who are using your pictures without asking or crediting you. This can also help you with getting some good quality backlinks. Or you can succeed in finding a place that you are unable to find information about, otherwise.

Different people might have different reasons to search for images on the internet through a reverse image search tool, but the main reason is to find instant data through a picture. Whether the reason behind using this tool is professional or personal, the tool proves extremely in all situations.

You are able to search through images with the help of reverse image tool in a convenient way, just you need to do is to upload a picture, if you don’t want to upload a photo, then you can use another possible method of inserting a picture by providing URL of the image. The results which were shown to you are perfectly generated by fetching data from databases of search engines.

The tool comes in very handy for anyone who knows about this excellent technology.

See a Picture Anywhere On The Internet

How do you see if a Picture is Anywhere else on the Internet?

It is really important to keep track of your photos, especially over the internet when you upload it as a display picture on some social website. People can pretend to be you by creating a fake profile, and there can be a number of reasons for this motive, one of which is if they want to learn about what kind of relationship you have with someone or if they’re going to hear a secret. It is imperative to stay in touch with those people who are in your friend’s list by other means of communication like a cellphone on which you can reach if someone contacts you from some different profile dissimulating to be him.

You can do that by using the reverse image search tool present over the internet, to use them you will need to follow a few simple below given steps:

Looking for a picture on a smartphone

You can use the reverse Google image feature offered by Google who has the most extensive database on the internet. If you are using an Android phone, it is not a problem all you have to do is visit, and on this site, you will find a camera icon near the search bar which when tapped will open your phones file manager. Then look for images in your gallery and other folders and make sure you are using the Chrome browser for this purpose.

Ref “

Looking for a picture on a computer 

There are many sites which can be used for reverse image search on a computer which is why it is highly preferable. Not only smartphones take a lot of time, but there aren’t many browsers that can be used for this cause. On a computer, you can visit search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo as well. They have their own databases, and if you don’t find appropriate results in Google’s reverse image, then you can use them.

It is easy to use these sites on a computer as compared to a smartphone, how? Well, when you search for a picture in the browser all you have to do is right click the image to look for an option that says “search Google for image.” When clicked the web browser will open a new tab and look for similar pictures in the database of Google. If you can’t see what you are looking for well the method for searching images in other databases is a little different.

Reverse image for security   

If you are an artist, you need to keep an eye on your work over the internet because there are people who can plagiarize your work. If the images made by you are present somewhere else over the internet and that website hasn’t quoted the original owner, then you can contact the owner of the site. This not only lessens the traffic of your website but maybe that site is taking credit for your work too. It doesn’t take long for Google to find out about plagiarism but it definitely takes a few weeks, so are you sure you want to wait for that long?

You can look for photos captured by you,

and you can even find recipes by just taking a picture of the food you like. Reverse image not only helps in securing your images but also gives you data on employers. As there are many companies that offer jobs but doesn’t have a good atmosphere, which you don’t know about until you start working there. You can quickly look for the company’s reputation by uploading either the employer’s image or the logo of the company. This will let you know how many companies are there with the same name and what kind of employer you will be facing during the interview especially if it is a life changing opportunity then you need to be prepared.