Image Search Engine

Image search engines, as the name suggests, are the search engines solely responsible for searching the relevant images for users. There are a lot of websites that are only dedicated to images or have considerable content in the form of images. It is a universal fact that traffic is the blood of websites and images can help websites to attract a handsome chunk of users. Continue reading

Blog Search Engine

A blog is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries or posts typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject. Continue reading

Anti plagiarism software

Plagiarism is the stealing of the author’s

or any writer’s reports or articles. This is usually done by the students. While doing it they do not realize that they are actually stealing someone’s work and it a crime. It may be because they are not aware of this cheating or they have sometimes so much burden of their work that they do not want to waste their time in searching for the knowledge, Continue reading

World Wide Web

General Overview of the World Wide Web

There is a large amount of information present on the World Wide Web but to search the information there is very frustrating and as well as very beneficial. World Wide Web is the fastest medium to collect the data regarding the topic. The students, writers used to search the data from the internet but the fact remains that it is not necessary that the data collected from the internet is very accurate and of top quality. Continue reading

Writing Tips

Writing is no doubt an art.

It is not possible for everyone to write a masterpiece. Although, anyone can write good quality writing is something that someone has inside the soul. Some people are born with this God gift and some make their writing abilities shine with hard work and proper guidance and training. Writing could involve anything like writing a novel, story, play, script or poetry. It is not an ability which can be attained during a night. All the famous and big names in this field have a long and tiring struggle in their lives. Continue reading