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Writing Competitions August 18, 2012

Writing competitions are very inn now-a-days especially in educational institutes. These competitions are not limited to just academic level but lots of online websites or different organizations are arranging these competitions so that people having outstanding caliber could be found. Mostly publishers, press publications, clubs and writing groups are great contributors of these competitions that are aimed to boost up people’s caliber of writing. In these competitions, a specific topic is given to the candidates to see what they have in their minds and who have stronger thoughts than others.

To win this competition, candidate is required to write intended topic and has to submit it within the given time and must follow the rules and regulations of competition.

Writing competitions are being arranged online and offline in order to promote people who have good writing skills. Basic advantage of writing competitions is that these are very helpful for taking out skilled and trained writers for businesses and for other stuff of work. If you think that you can also be a winner of such competitions and want to get participated in it, you must have make your mind clear about all rules and regulations of intended competition along with having complete idea of how you can express your feeling and thoughts in a very concise and brief way while conveying your message in a stronger way. I would like to share some very useful tips with you in this regard that will help you becoming a winner of any writing competition:
• If you are participating in online writing competitions, you must not using stylish fonts and never think of formatting during writing. You must write first and if you will have some spare time left, do formatting of your text. But if you will start formatting text during writing, it will divert your concentration and you will not consolidate your thoughts and there might be not symmetry in your writing piece.
• Another important point for winning writing competitions is that you should not write too much and always try to write briefly so that your read must remain interesting. Avoiding telling your reader too much will help you making your read concise, informative and to-the-point. Once you will have all these things in your read, you will surely have an impressive read for your reader.
• If you will introduce a question in your post, you will surely have a positive impression on your reader. It must be suggested in a way that reader must find its answer by reading your remaining post. Hence, provide the answer of your question on your own.
• One thing more that always counts in writing competitions is word count. Try to attempt words that are being required for this competition. Writing as maximum words as are required for your article will surely have a good and efficient impression on your judge.
If you will follow above described instructions, you will surely be a winner of writing competition you are participating in. Follow these instructions and get most out of your caliber.