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Writing A Book Report January 24, 2021

Meaning Of Book Reports

Informative reports are also known as book reports, the writers used to discuss the book from the view of objective stance. Book reports are different than book reviews because book reports encompassed the summary of the whole paper, main points; whereas the book reviews include the evaluation of the paper. Book reports are also called the k-12 assignment and consist of 250 up to 500 words.

In the colleges and universities, the instructors used to give the assignments like book reviews to the students to develop a critical approach in them, but these reviews are published in many different professional magazines and college magazines.

Guidelines For Writing A Book Report

Following are the guidelines which the writer needs to follow for writing a perfect book report:

  1. It is very necessary for the writer to know about the initial information about the book before start reading the book like the title of the book, author of the book, the total number of pages, the book type (whether it is informative, fictions), the meaning cover should also be in the focus of the writer while writing the book report like whether the meaning of the cover is accurate and related to the information present in the book.
  2. When the writer starts reading the book then should know and focus on the information like the characters of the book and their stories, the main theme should be at the fingertip of the writer, the writer should pinpoint the part of the paper which one can quote in the report.
  3. When the writer starts to write then firstly write the name of the report, author’s name, the story of the book, the book is recommended to others or not.
  4. The writer should keep this thing in mind that the report should be a summary and not the evaluation of the characters and the story.
  5. The proofreading/revision is an essential part of writing, the writer must check the author’s name spelling. Revise the whole report in terms of spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and sentence structure. The adding of the unique quotes from the reading can give the author an extra advantage. The author should check the words of the report and avoid using slang language in the report.

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Layout Of The Book Report

The presentation of the book report is essential because the writer is writing the report for the audience; the audience could be the instructor, friends, other peers, etc, the audience would love to read the report if it’s layout is very nice and eye-soothing, the words are clear and visible. One can make the book report very presentable with the help of the font and color technique, for learning these techniques the guides are available on the internet sites. The font should be professional like 14 and 12 for the book reports.

  • The use of bullets and headings are encouraged while writing the book report.
  • The words in bold show the importance of the report so the writer should bold the word if it is very important for the audience to have a look at it.
  • The underlining under words is again a sign of importance. To conclude, there are many options for the writers to give a presentable view of the report to the audience but it depends upon the writer to choose the best option. For learning something it is necessary to unlearn the things.

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