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Organizing Your Argument Presentation August 18, 2012

Meaning And Of An Argument

It is the procedure of developing claims and then supports the claim with the help of logical reasoning.

Organization Of Argument Documents

The writer needs to organize the document in a very well way; the organized data is always easy for the audience to read. Whether the document is descriptive, exploratory or argumentative it is the obligation of the writer to organize the data properly. Following are the purposes of the organization regarding the argument:

The organization of the argument facilitates the audience to know about the reasoning procedure.

It helps the writer to read the whole detailed information regarding the arguments.

The organization reveals the writer’s credibility

There are many elements which are there to organize the argument in a proper way like title, introduction, body, and conclusion. Without these elements it is not possible to organize the argument. The reason of title is to give introduction about the topic to the readers; the name of the title can raise the interest of the reader for the argument. The titles should be narrow and not too much vague because this fact can lead to mis-understanding.

Introduction is a very crucial part of the whole argumentative essay because here the writer provides the reason of the article; try to generate passion for the readers to read article and then explain the readers about what you want t explain them in the article. The writers can use the methods like the questions, quotation etc to create the introduction. Thesis statement offers the claim to the readers which is going to be proved by the author through evidences, it is better for the writer to place this statement in the part of introduction. The body paragraphs make the data easier to understand because here by the use of the main idea in the paragraph -is the key to efficient learning on the part of the audience.

The author should always give priority to the audience and also address their point of views properly; this practice helps the writer to create the credibility in front of the audience. By addressing point of views of the audience can give the view to the readers that they are very valuable for the writer. The counter arguments should be encompassed with body paragraph. There are two different ways to present the counter arguments like:

The writer can place the claim with the counter claim as to compare both of them.

The writer can offer all the claims and then mention the counter claims.

The respectable language should be very important while addressing counter arguments because it may happen that the audience rejects the view of the writer just because of the rude and stubborn language. The searched material placed in the body paragraphs are valuable in supporting the claims made by the writers.

Conclusion is the last and the main part of the argument essay, and it should provide the information regarding the main points of the research paper. It is not wise for the writer to create brand new claims in the part of conclusion means that the writer should stick to the claim made in the introductory paragraphs. The experienced writers are expert in organizing the argument because they are skilled in writing a structured research report. To organize the general report and argumentative essay is one of the same thing regarding the steps of writing process is concerned.