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Purpose Of Invention Presentation January 19, 2021

The word invention is very common in this world of change, every organization or a single entity is trying to introduce something new to attract the target market. In schools and universities, the teachers used to use the tools and equipment which is helpful in explaining the concepts to the students, invention presentation is among those tools. It is good for the organization to use the invention presentation if they have introduced something new.

Components of an Effective Presentation

Following are the components which one must include in the presentation to avoid any ambiguity:

  1. Schedule a plan.
  2. The facilitator needs to ask different questions to know the minds of the audience.
  3. The facilitator needs to write the purpose of preparing the presentation.
  4. Mention the target market.
  5. Type of research

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Invention Strategies

There are four main invention strategies which are much authenticated for introducing something new, these are as follows:

  • The facilitator should raise complex questions.
  • Freewriting should be encouraged.
  • As a researcher, one should have a journal in order to jot down all the ideas.
  • Mapping of the ideas is very important.
  • In the invention presentation, the facilitator should include the following information so that the student can get the audience can get the detailed information:
  • One should add the background/summary of the invention.
  • The videos and the sketches should be included so that the audience can have a vague idea about the invention. The small video can even help the facilitator out in order to clarify the idea behind the invention.
  • Hand-outs are very essential for the audience so the facilitator should provide a summary of the unique invention to the audience.

The world is changing day by day and every organization wants to introduce something new to grasp the target markets and in this way, these organizations can increase the market share and earn profits. Technology is the growing sector where you can see a large number of new innovations every day but for the exposure of these inventions to the audience, it is important for the concerned person to prepare the invention presentation.               Brainstorming is very essential to produce something new because sometimes it happens that you can find the unique thing after getting different ideas from everyone. That is why usually the organizations which are focused on innovations like to have a participative environment because when the employees/students can provide their views then afterward the organizations can introduce something unique.

Layout Of The Presentation

The layout of the presentation is very important to make it worthwhile because in this way the facilitator can grasp the attention of the audience, one thing which the facilitator needs to notice that all the material should be interrelated with each other. The data should be in sequence so that the audience can inter-relate the facts and figures to get the understating about the invention etc. If the researcher has introduced a new thing, then the promotion of the thing is again very important because if no one knows about the invention then there is no need to have the invention as it is a simple rule.

In layout the following things matter the most:

  1. Color Scheming
  2. Bullets and Numbering
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Sentence Structure
  5. Pictures

The research department should encourage the preparation of invention presentation among the students and teachers.

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