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Writing Font August 18, 2012

Writing is that weapon with the help of which any war can be fought and if played sensibly any war can also be won in an excellent way as the weapon being used is very much powerful. Great words used by writer attract the readers and made the story interesting for them to read and usage of excellent and catchy words prevent readers from going bore and leave the story just written to paper and never bother again to go through it.So a write must use excellent words so that his writings not remain only to paper but also goes on to reader.

As the time is passing and technology is ruling everywhere way of writing is changed as well as way of reading. Now good story is that which is complied after seeking features of different technologies to make it much more interesting for a reader. Writing styles are having verities in them and are being used very much in this era as it commends the technology well so it attracts readers towards it. Along with the interesting story its writing way also matters a lot which can be made very much attractive by making use of “fonts”.
Font is that feature with the help of which size, style and color of the words can be changed and can be made like the choice of writer. Size of the letters matter a lot, like if there is something in the writing which is very much important and supports the writing then it can be written in the size larger than the size of other letters. Similarly heading or topic of the writing can also be written in the larger size as compared to the size of all other words. Same management can be done in the case of colors and style.
In the color and style of words verities are present which help to support the meaning and cause of the writing. In the style writer can find various options which he can use in developing interest for the readers in his words. For interesting and important words in the writing writer can use different colors so that those words gain the attention of reader’s eye first. It will help the writer to give concept of the whole writing to the reader and make the words go interesting for him rather than taking the words boring.
Writer can use different styles, size and colors for making his writing interesting and giving life to his words which will let readers read his words with great interest. But these facilities writer can have only when he is doing his work on that place where he can find such features as many writing software’s are lacking such amazing features. Involvement of these things will give extra quality to the words and will help in prosper of the feelings and intentions of the writer and will definitely commend them well. Selection of excellent and amazing topic, words and writing font will make a writing best.