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Writing Games August 18, 2012

It is a well known fact that without any good script there cannot be a good movie, without good dialogues no good drama and without a good script there can be no interactive game. The script or in technical words, the programming, of every game is quintessentially important for every successful interactive game. Not only adults are actively engaged in gaming now a days, but kids are increasingly getting hooked to the new video games now days. There has been a lot of criticism from various quarters, mainly from human rights groups, about the dicey impact of violent and gory nature of content being used in the kid’s video games, but, as they say, this is a free world, and everyone has the right to a free speech. To some extent the right’s groups are morally and ethically on a superior ground. Given the changing nature of modern warfare and it’s over reliance on computer simulation, they argue that this video-gaming mentality will soon creep into the decision making matrix of all the major conflicts around the world.

Given the abovementioned facts writing games have become all too important because of their far reaching impact upon the innocent minds of the children. The idea of writing games for a constructive and useful purpose has gained currency off late. Since gaming has become the most fascinating medium of interactive entertainment. So far as the profession of video game writing is concerned it can be a very good choice but only for those who have passion and flair for creativity. Almost all types of writers, such as fiction writers, fantasy writers dialogue and script compilers have a certain and definite role to play in writing games. To begin with after taking a cue from the game developer’s story idea, the game writer will set the main plot and its framework. Here the creativity and flair of the writer comes into the play as these factors can help weaving a beautiful and artistic plot. Moreover every writer must be able to properly explain the idea so that the graphic designer could properly turn his idea into reality. That means that the graphic designer and the one who is writing the game must always be on the same page before creating or designing any new idea for the story. The writer must be able to clearly portray what he wants so that the graphic designer could perfectly develop the idea into a colorful character or an incident.
If you are seriously thinking to adopt writing games as your career then you must have to develop social networking within the game writer’s community. To begin with blogging may not be a bad idea. Job of writing game does not require any degrees or qualification, but it only requires articulation of ideas and the ability to turn those ideas into a concrete and wholesome story line. It is a career that has got so much to offer to the right type of persons.