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On Writing Well August 18, 2012

Writing well is not only about producing original ideas but also how the ideas are shaped. It describes the core of a person as what they write and how they write. It requires high level of effort and attention to make it successfully acceptable. Writing describes us which we are unable to. Writing plays important role in professional life of any person .We lack time to communicate face to face with everyone so we take the help of any type of writing to convey our thoughts. Writing process can be simple or complex depending on the level of excellence in selection of words to deliver the idea.

Writing well is writing simple but requires much time for assembling the thoughts. Reader’s time is as precious as ours so we should remain economical in choosing those words only that covey our thoughts most effectively. Cohesion must be developed in designing any statement so that idea flows from one to another. Always research the topic and its parts before writing anything. Avoid all unnecessary information and remain on the main topic or theme. Wordy statements will distract the audience focus from the main subject. Write concise and precise sentences.
Writing is the sense that you find difficult to put on the paper that you want to or thinking about. It is not god gifted skill but can be learned from practice. Improving writing skills is improving thinking skills first that will ultimately lead to success. Writers who write well can understand and solve the social issues and problems in effective manner. They have found the way to give way to their positive or negative thoughts. They can sell their ideas effectively so writing can become a source of income as well.
The basics of writing must be mastered to write effectively. The technical facet of writing well is learned through taking guidance from classes, courses, and books. Writing is based on grammar and sentence structure so endeavors must be made to improve the conversational style. Every writer has his own style that leaves deep impression of his thought on the minds of readers. Effective style is one that influences other’s thoughts. One should master in nuts and bolts of writing well that requires patience as well as practice. You can read extensively to learn the basics of language, grammar and vocabulary.
Writing well demands time and opportunities to write. Always revise your own writings to check any errors or mistakes. Instead of being worried about the writing skill you should intend to be a great writer. Your will power will play huge role in this decision. Focus on becoming better writer so that your writings are highly demanded. Also share the skill and thoughts with others to guide them and make them learn. Write in a effective communicative way so that readers gets the complete idea in one reading. Keep words, sentences and paragraphs short and concise. Exercise and practice are the foundations of learning how to write well.