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Writing prompts August 18, 2012

Prompt is something done without delaying time. It means provoking to take action. Writing prompts are a query that describes what you are asked to write. It makes students to analyze topic in deep and prompt them to write in their own wordings. The length can be a page which is either written or typed. Writing prompts can be taken as drawings, quotations which pushes you to initiate writing especially in those times in which you have nothing to infiltrate.

On the basis of this fact it can be said that it is the groundwork for the pupils on whom they construct a writing project. It can be your reaction to a question which is expected from you and you have liberty to some extent for your answer. Writing prompts can be a sentence or more. It depends on what length of writing asker is asking you for.

The main aim of writing prompts is to stimulate you to write when you are not getting any ideas what to write, when you get confused either to initiate with a brief tale, or when you get stuck in writing and you are not able to decide which direction to follow. Writing prompts makes your writing a kind of fun. Informal writing prompts are means to support knowledge and help with influential assessment. Yet, informal prompts provided as a supplementary purpose. Writing prompts helps you to think out of the box.
There are so many examples of writing prompts such as telling about, the time that you have spent with grandparents, encountering an unusual animal, telling about when your principal is been replaced by a superman for a day, how would you deal with your friends coming your place to meet you suddenly, describing your feelings about a spring storm coming when you are out of your house, when someone assist you in your need, how would you feel when you have to be dressed in a suit which you do not like, your feelings when you have lost something among your favorites, what would you do when you get a chance to sit on a magic carpet, how would you feel when you have to pass by a graveyard while going to your home.
Writing prompts guide the students of a school in how to move in a particular direction to write about anything. As today’s worlds is paying more and more attention on education the writing prompts are serving as a stylish means of teaching which are made to make the students respond particularly regarding writing. As they are very essential to the teachings and testing of writing, and also to the learning so it is the starting of successive writing. You can generate different ideas for writing prompts from different places such as books, headlines of news paper, articles etc. Always keep your eyes open for the ideas that can strike your thinking, then write it down and make use of them as a writing prompt which provokes your creativity.