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Writing About Literature December 14, 2020

There is no difference between the paper in English and the paper of other subjects. For every type of paper, the writer needs to read the related material in deep detail, used to do secondary and primary research.


Literature is always present in the paper, it may happen that some differences are there but it’s not difficult to remove those differences. There are two types of paper assignments that are very common in English subjects like the prompt paper, and the research paper.

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Writing Prompts and Research Paper

The instructors used to assign the prompt papers many times within the semester duration, they are shorter and of minimum words, but the research papers are called the final project and the instructors used to give at the end of the semester, the weightage of the research paper is more than that of the prompt pieces.

Types of Prompts

There are different types of prompts that the students can use in order to achieve the expectations of the instructors and offers the perfect way to complete the project.

  1. Comparison is a writing prompt that one can have while doing the project; with the use of this prompt, the writer should define the similarities and differences.
  2. In the academic career of the student, they used to face lots of assignments and research papers encompassed with different restrictions. The assigned research paper could be a hassle for the student because maybe the student doesn’t like the topic, or the restrictions with the paper are very confusing.

To deal with this problem the student should follow the following guidelines:


The student must adopt the topic which is in the interest because the student can write well and provide related literature if has an interest in the topic. The best way for the student is to make the choice of the research paper at the beginning of the semester or in fact start thinking about the topic because this exercise can prepare the student to write well and with the best ideas, this exercise also serves as the better time utilization exercise. While writing the research paper it is essential for the students to analyze the readers of the paper because they are the one who has to read the paper at last.

Good Literature Review

The students need to have perfect literature for doing research and there are two sources used to provide better and accurate information like the libraries and the librarians.

Before entering the library it is necessary to have an idea about the paper. The researcher should know what to find in from the library because the librarians are not supposed to do the whole research for you. The mark of the wise student is that they know when to get assistance from the respective librarian. The best student is the one who use to take out much time for visiting the library for researching the material because to get related material from the library is a time-consuming job.


It is very helpful for the students because it contains recent works done by different authors. The literature is encompassed in different versions and the student can get more and new information regarding the literature from the libraries. There are other sources too which are offering literature material like the encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs, etc.

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