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Writing Journals August 18, 2019

It is the habit of many people that they use to write diaries and collect their experiences, ideas, thoughts and suggestions there. Same is the concept about writing journal in which one can write his personal issues or can use for his thoughts and ideas.

Your journal writing habit of personal issues will make you feel better and for a moment and will surely make you relax. Writing journal is one of the tremendous habits which can make you unique from others. If you are planning for your business or going to start some new programs, then those ideas which come to your mind all day, you can use to write them in your journals.

Your personal writing journal

is a secret between you and your life which is somehow can be useful for other but it has more consequence on your personality. So those who have developed this habit have strong memory, sharp mind and skillful personality. In these journals, you use to write completely informal language which is rough and one cannot understand it without your support. Writing journals will make more organized and one must develop this habit so that he could realize what he did throughout his day.

Your writing journal will take

less than twenty minutes and these twenty minutes will be more important and valuable then your twenty three hours and forty minutes of the day. Journal writing have further categorized into day planners, guide book, lined writing journals, blank writing journals, handmade journals, address books etc.

The concept of writing journal can be different for different thoughts of people. Some use it for their personal issues and experiences and some use it to explain their daily hustle bustle, their unique thoughts and ideas and even some people use writing journals for their daily diet planner.

Many of you have address books or phone directory which is also the category of writing journals. Never dispute your thoughts or mix them and the best way to keep them remember is writing them into your journals and this will defiantly help you out in your near future.

Writing journal can

also act as your best friend in which you can even share your sorrows, your happy moments, complains, your love for your love ones etc. Your act will make you feel better and share your loneliness in a very best way.
Writing journal can be written in formal way or informal way, it’s all depends on your choice and material which you are writing.

This is one of the best ways to realize your own mistakes and also will clear you about others. You have to be bit selective so that unimportant things could not come in the list otherwise it will make your journal somehow bore. Try to develop the habit of writing journal specially those who have the problem of short term memory loss or who are confuse because of great hustle and bustle in your life. Your every word will make you familiar about yourself.

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