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Writing A Book Review December 7, 2020

What is a book review?

When the writer used to evaluate the book or the written work then we can call it a book review. The book reviews are providing the weaknesses and strengths of the written work. Book review and book reports are very different than each other and you can not call these two identical. Book reviews are also included in the college and university assignments, they are also published in the college magazines and ranges from 500 to 750 in general but could be more than that.


Guidelines To Write The Book Review

It is necessary for the writers to follow the guidelines to write the book review to make it valuable for the audience to read so the following are the guidelines available fro the writer/authors:

  1. It is important to know about the author of the paper/book, the style of the author, and at last, should know whether the particular writer has achieved any award.
  2. The writer must be aware of the type of book, is it fiction, romantic, biography, etc then should get aware of the target market of the book. For reviewing it is also better to know the purpose of the book.
  3. The writer should judge whether the title of the book is matched with the material of the book, whether it is interesting or not.
  4. It is good for the reviewer to know and judge that in the book how the whole content is categorized like in chapters- introduction, preface, conclusion, etc.
  5. When the writer starts to write then it is necessary to define all the characters of the story and then evaluate the role of each character.
  6. Define the author’s style of writing whether it has justified the theme of the paper or not and why.
  7. The writer must critically evaluate the claims and the arguments and the writer should also evaluate whether the author of the book has justified his/her point or not.
  8. The key idea of the book should be in the focus of the writer and the writer should know whether it has differentiated the book from others or not. The person who is writing the book should review what is missing in the content of the book.
  9. At the start of the book review, there should be a basic idea about the book; it is not wise to give the whole information and evaluation in the initial paragraphs. The author should give opinions regarding the book in the last paragraphs.
  10. The audience should be at the highest priority so it is essential for the writers to introduce the whole basic story and a brief introduction of the features and characters to the audience otherwise they would not be able to understand.
  11. It is not necessary for the writers to evaluate every minor character of the book so it is necessary for the writer to give more importance to the major characters. At last, the revision of the whole document is very necessary, the punctuation, spelling mistakes, sentence structure, and paragraph transitions check is very essential.
  12. The best way to revise the book review is to re-read the first draft according to the eyes of the readers because they are the ones for whom the writer is writing.

For writing good book reviews it is necessary for the writers to learn the above guidelines, these are like the key to effective book reviews.

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