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Writing contests August 18, 2012

Writing is the best way to express feelings. Through this way people, especially those who cannot deliver their ideas orally can convey their deliver their thoughts. A person should develop a habit of writing. In fact, this development should be initiated in the initial ages of life with the assistance of parents and teachers. This means that when the child starts going to school a teacher must teach him or her how to write and it is the duty of parents to make their child practice writing.

There are so many advantages of writing such as it helps you to write letters, business letters, application, articles etc.

Contest means the competition or race. It can be of any thing like writing, running, eating, walking, speech etc. Writing contests are an immense mode for poet and fiction writers to make the legendary community notice their work. The list of examples of writing contests includes short story writing competitions, essay contests and/or poetry contests. Writing organizations around the world can be organized writing contests on smaller scale and also on larger scale. If we talk about smaller scale writing contests is organized in schools. Sometimes it is organized as inter school competition and sometimes it organized between or/and among different schools. It is also happened that only one person organizes these competitions and different schools get their selves registered. Students should participate not necessary tat school. A random individual can also take part. I these contests you may be asked to write one page or more pages. In inter school contest most of the time students are instructed to write two or three pages. But on larger scale they are required to write more and more pages.
One of the advantages of writing contests is that it increases writing speed of a child. Also it improves his or her writing. It helps them during their exams when the case is race against time. When these competitions are organized on large scale it gives recognition and lots of appreciation to the winner which also motivates others to improve their writing, speed up and also to take part in these contests. It also makes you obvious to the agents and the editors. It not only gives recognition to the winner but also to the school in the case of competition among schools. The winner names can also be appeared on news channels. For most of the writers who see contests as a potential launch pad to victory, writing contests are the way to put in writing acknowledgment or it is best source which brings them closer to the commercial magazine or newspapers or articles etc.
It is not confirmed that all the writing contests are authentic. There is a possibility that the organization organizing these contest are fake and they are doing it just for the publicity. Make sure that you have done some research before getting yourself registered in these contests. And confirm the authenticity of organization.