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Writing Program August 18, 2012

There are so many different styles and types of languages and writings to operate different functions. And all of them are a writing program which is specifically for computer programming. Writing program is also called coding or programming which is use to interpret in the processes of debugging, designing, writing, testing or maintaining the code itself. Writing program follow the language of computer which is highly specific and lay-man cannot write or read that language.

Programmers make these writings by using their knowledge and they interpret in the manner which computes give instructions. You are somehow give command to the computer in the language of it and then it returns you in your language.

The purpose of this writing program is that we give instructions to computer which cannot understand our language that’s why we have to give instructions in its own language and that is coding or programming. To write a program, there is a need of expert which known the writing of program and have full command to give instructions to computer. Writing programs consist of the process of domains, algorithms and formal logics. One should be familiar with all these if he wants to write any type of program.
Writing program is specifically used in software engineering and software engineers use this type of writing for their job procedures. This type of writing is not done in a piece of paper but directly into the computer to operate it. Some programs and pre-written so that a common man can easily use computer without tackling the programming or coding of computer. Writing program is now using world widely because computers have become an important part of our lives. This sort of writing has many benefits but only expertise know how to write program and how to create a program in a computer.
There are a lot of purpose on which writing program is needed but a written program must have some criteria to maintain the standard. It should be have reliability, usability, robustness, portability and maintainability. Without these categories, a written program might be not acceptable and may be harmful for your device. A common man can never write a program or even understand the written program until or unless he is a software engineer. The specific field which use writing programs is software engineering and complete sets of programs are build up there by using specific languages.
There are explicit steps on which writing program language is work. It starts with input, output, arithmetic, conditional execution and ends at repetition. Input is that which you enter from key board or any other file instruction. Output is given by computer in which the whole writing program consists. Output of computer is made by the interpretation of your input and computer first decode your input and then give output according to your input. Many writing programs have a list of mechanisms according to the demand and type of programming. Writing program is specific and exactly for your computer programmings.