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Writing Literary Analysis October 2, 2020

Literary analysis is the critical reading and study of the literary document; it could be done by the writer, scholar, student’s, etc. literary analysis and literary criticisms are the same things. One thing that is necessary to know that literary analysis is not like to find a mistake in the work always.

Guidelines For Writing A Literary Analysis

The teachers must inform the students that how to write the literary analysis because the students of professional studies need to know this aspect of writing, the following are the guidelines which the students should follow while writing the literary analysis:


It is necessary for the writer to write the name of the author and work, and if the writer is comparing/contrasting the document then identification of the author name and works is required, after this, the writer should present the information regarding the work and the influences of any kind when the author has written these literary works.

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The writer must write the main point of the work and it should be in simple language and in the form of the statement. A good literary analysis is the one in which the paragraphs are presented in a way to give arguments to justify the claim. The writer must use the literature ingredient of the thesis in the literary analysis.


While writing the analysis, before it the writer must write brief information about the document/paper so that the audience can have an overview of it.

Main body

After writing the background, the writer must write all the arguments and then try to give proof in a way to justify, because it is the responsibility of the writer to justify the claim and not of the audience.

Organization of the Paper

The audience will like to read the literary analysis which is well organized, and very well written, the words should be in clear form while writing one should use the direct and active form of sentences. The revision and the proofreading of the literary analysis are very essential because the mistakes in the paper can make it useless.

Creativity and Formatting

Creativity is very essential while writing new ideas is always liked by the readers and the better option for the students is not to use the ideas already discussed in the lecture room. For any type of writing the ethics counts a lot, so it is better to avoid the plagiarism, fulfill all the requirements which are necessary for analysis.

There are many guides available for the students that can help in knowing the concept of literary criticism. So it is just a matter of research to get the best handbook for learning. After doing literary analysis, the writers can easily find out how the works of two different authors related to each other, what are the drawbacks, their strengths of writing, etc.

Academic Session

In academic sessions, it is necessary for the instructors to have a large number of sessions to carry out with the students in which the instructor should inform the students regarding the techniques for the literary analysis. There are different mediums to help the students to learn the literary analysis like through the presentation on multimedia, through a practical demonstration of the literary analysis, that is the reason that why most teachers focus on the assignments related to the literary analysis. In business studies, this type of assignment has a weightage of 3 credit hours.

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