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Ways To Introduce Quotations September 8, 2020

Quotes are the sentences that known personalities might say or write. These sentences become renowned due to their straight or hard-hitting facts and understanding. These are quotes and whenever we use them, we should mention the person’s name and quote it word to word. You cannot change any part of it. It can be about any subject from politics related quote to satire as there are noted personalities in every field and they give interviews, speeches, and sometimes lectures too.
The quotes are usually taken from these sayings. A part of speech, lecture, or interview may become eminent. Usually, quotes are direct sayings on a particular subject. So if you are planning to pick your pen and start writing quotes you are asking for the impossible.

Citation and Referencing

Generally, people include the quotes of renowned celebrities in their speeches, term paper, or thesis in order to emphasize a point. However, wherever one is using them it is vital to mention the reference and the name of the celebrity. People love to listen to what these noted personalities have said about different areas of life due to their experience and understanding of life and fields related to their careers.

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If you are writing a research paper on Microsoft, you are sure to cite quotations or sayings of Bill Gates whereas if you are writing about the company Apple and its history and achievement you cannot forget Steve Jobs, his efforts and might include some of his quotations to back your paper with authenticity and emphasis. It will also make the article or research paper interesting to read. You are sure to shine in front of your colleagues just by the inclusion of the related legendary persons.

Inspirational Quotes

Moreover, one way to get inspiration is by writing quotes down in your personal diary while going through them. When you feel down or think that you are losing hope, these inspirational quotes will help you fight back.
However, writing quotes yourself is not recommended, as people might not encourage, as you need to achieve something before people would like to hear your opinion about a certain thing.

Quotes in Research Paper or Article

If you are writing quotes in your research paper or article, you should always include then in inverted commas and write the name of the person whom these words belong to. Or else it will come under plagiarism, which is a crime for which you can be rusticated, or your degree might be canceled. If found copying others’ work.

Maintain Flow of Writing

Make sure these quotes are associated in some way with what you are discussing and communicating with your target audience. The flow in your writing is very essential or all your hard work will come to dust. Never lose your focus once as there will be great difficulties that will come to your way. Once you overcome these you might also be able to write quotes or your words might become quotes for others. You can research quotes on the internet and in your library.