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Creative Writing Activities for Students September 7, 2020

Creativity is irrespective of age, class, or creed. It does not even depend on the educational background of a person. People are creative by nature and there are no boundaries to the creativity they have. Nevertheless, there are certain writing activities that can prune and foster a child’s mind about creativity.

There are wide varieties of writing activities that can help in stimulating creativity in a child’s expression. On the other hand, the writing activities do vary according to the age group of the child.

For Elementary Students

At this stage of life, children are naturally very creative. They are exposed to fairy tales and make-believe stories and cartoons as a result they try to evaluate everything creatively. Therefore it is not very difficult to induce creativity in children’s way of expression. The point to be noted here is that though children are naturally creative at this stage, their creativity still needs to be trained and molded. There is no use of creativity if a child doesn’t know how to express it. Moreover, if the creativity is not channeled properly, it might create a wedge in his mind leading to stagnant creativity. The best creative writing activities which will teach the proper way to express would be:
• Habitual storybook reading and writing
• Poetry reading and reciting and writing
These creative writing activities will not only increase the child’s self-confidence but also help them to think creatively and mold creativity through language.

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For Middle School Students

At this stage, children are already exposed to a wide range of genres of books and poems. By the time they get to this stage they are also introduced to “peer pressure,” children are now more informed about their looks and academics. Therefore at this stage, the improvement in creativity will be at a higher rate because they will make a conscious effort of getting better.
The most suitable writing activities, at this stage, would be those which would help him to release his/her suppressed creativity. Writing activities such as:
• Writing a journal
• Encourage thinking outside the box
• Regular essay writing and report writing
• Encouraging writing in your own words instead of copying others.
These writing activities will enhance creative skills. Children will learn to think on their own and introduce new ideas themselves. Children especially enjoy introducing innovative complications and twists to stories. Thinking outside the box will increase his creativity and also help him in other subjects. Children are more intrinsically motivated due to peer pressure therefore they will help themselves to learn.

For High School Students

At this stage, children are quite aware of their creativity. They know how to self evaluate therefore they know their creative standing. It is preferable not to hinder a child’s creativity. It should be let free without any restrains. It would be damaging to the child if we try to tame his/her creativity. At this stage a child should:
• Write a journal
• Read a wide variety of books to learn different styles of writing
• Read poems
• Write specific paragraphs in own words and avoid plagiarism
• Essay writing
• Paragraph writing with specified vocabulary
Children also acquire analytical and logical skills at this stage. They should be given problem-solving situations so that they can amalgamate their creativity and analytical skills together.

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