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Create Unique Content Do Not Copy Others August 25, 2020

The term plagiarism has taken the world by storm when we started to hear that most of the professional writers, scientists, and professors have been stealing other’s work and publishing it under their own brand. Stealing of ideas has been always in the mainstream and whether the fight is over patenting some technology or research paper, plagiarism had been everywhere.

Why People go for Plagiarized Work?

Recently a student asked me why people go for plagiarized work when it is illegal, well the answer is simply that they don’t want to put their time, energy and efforts on the work and they simply steal other’s work claiming it to be theirs. Plagiarism is stealing and illegal by law and one must not practice this in any part of the world.

Don’t Steal Others Work

Now as the laws and regulations are very strict and have become very common, most people are not stealing one’s work as it is but they have found different ways to skip detection of plagiarism of their work.

Easy Ways to Create New Content

  1. Well, the first basic step is to write the whole article or content in your own words which is basically not illegal.
  2. All the students who are given to write an essay on any topic cannot write it by themselves but they would first get some knowledge by reading some similar essays online or from the book. So after writing the content themselves they can perform plagiarism check if their written content is original or not. In most cases, the content which is actually written and not copied is always proved to be original and unique.
  3. It is advised to all the students and article writers that they should check plagiarism before submitting the task to their organizations or to their teachers. It is seen very few times that the check plagiarism software shows the written content to be unoriginal, but most of the time it is 100% unique if it is solely written and not copied from any publications.
  4. In order to remove the plagiarism, you should make some amendments in the content and then again check plagiarism. Most of the plagiarism software is immensely good and efficient which not only checks for sentences and phrases but also looks for similarities in the content.
  5. Nowadays according to the research, most of the universities use the premium versions of check plagiarism software in order to make sure that their students are not cheating in their assignments.
  6. A few years back when plagiarism checkers was not very common some professor showed other’s research paper claiming it to be theirs.
  7. Cheating is illegal and a crime and it is among the worst practice by a student.
  8. Reading and getting knowledge is not a crime but copying other’s work is.
  9. Now plagiarism software is very common and very popular and most of the organizations check their contents for uniqueness and then publish them online. Students and article writers should make it their common practice to check their work for plagiarism.

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