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Check Plagiarism In Academics August 27, 2020

Plagiarism is a term that generally connotes to stealing or unlawfully using someone else’s ideas. And quite a lot of people have been engaged in this plagiarism activity without impunity for decades. With the rapid advancement of information technology and the arrival of faster modes of communication, a lot of university students, professors, and academics are seeking help from the scientific works of researchers. Seeking help is something else and unlawfully using someone else’s ideas for personal assignments and doctoral thesis is entirely another thing.

Availability of Information

The problem of plagiarism grew as the world became a smaller place. The works of every other academic are available on the internet via online libraries. And there is no mechanism to ensure that they never get copied by a con student or a lousy professor. The Guttenberg plagiarism scandal has even upped the ante.

People are finding it quite hard to believe how a part-time student and a full-time politician can earn his Doctorate degree by just plagiarizing news articles, embassy cables, and parliamentary debates. It has also put the system of check and balance over advanced research into question. A lot of people, usually in academics of North America, are raising the hue and cry over this scandal as well.

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How to encounter the act of plagiarism?

The question is what should be done to counter these types of nefariously unethical and horribly immoral activities in the field of academic research.

Manual Check

The idea of manually checking every research paper for it being copied is just out of the question as it is practically impossible to manually check each and every article for plagiarism.

Software Check

Given these circumstances, there is a dire need for some software that could practically check every article, journal, or PowerPoint presentation for plagiarism. Although it seems to be an idea directly taken from science fiction, a check paper for plagiarism has finally arrived to relieve the poor academics of their plagiarized miseries.

Purpose of Plagiarism Software

  1.  This check paper for plagiarism would not only give power back to the original developers or researchers it would also make sure that no imposter again succeeds in copying or borrowing someone else’s ideas for the sake of his own glorification.
  2. Most of university students try to find an easier way for completing their assignments by downloading them straight from the internet. This is the most common form of plagiarism and can sometimes lead to the dismissal of the professor or the rustication of the students. By putting the assignments, no matter what format they have, into this plagiarism tool, you will be able to ascertain the veracity of the text.
  3. A software developer can also make certain that the reviews being posted on his website are written genuinely and not the usual copied stuff. This check for plagiarism is all set to make a big impact in the fields of advanced research, education, and information technology. The fears of so many people about their work being copied are forever buried with the arrival of this tool.