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Detect Plagiarism to Avoid Plagiarised Work August 25, 2020

Those of us who been to colleges and universities, know exactly what plagiarism is and how detrimental it is for students and teachers. Plagiarism makes things easy for the plagiarists, however, it causes immense stress and trauma to the author or artist whose work has been copied.

Plagiarism is not limited to books or articles, it covers everything from photos, pictures, research, etc. despite plagiarism being looked down upon by everyone in a society. It is popular because it is considered an easy source of rising to fame. Thus, whether it is journalism or academia, we constantly find examples of copied work around us.

Penalty of Plagiarism

There is a huge penalty if a student or a teacher is found guilty of plagiarism. It can get a student a failing grade, suspension, or even expelled from a certain institution. In some institutions, degrees are revoked as a penalty.

In journalism, a journalist can be suspended from a newspaper if he/she is found guilty of plagiarism.

World Wide Web a Source of Plagiarism

The vastness of the World Wide Web has promoted plagiarism apart from giving numerous benefits. This is because it is a free source of information and anyone and everyone can publish work or copy someone else’s work. So it is particularly difficult to stop someone from copying your work.
However, the detection of plagiarism is indeed possible through a number of tools. There are a number of tools and software over the internet through which a copied work can be found out. This software primarily makes use of search engines at their back end. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google not only have a vast database of websites but they also have the unique capability of searching through these databases.
This unique property of search engines is utilized by various other software to check for duplication.

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How to Detect Plagiarism using Search Engines?

On the other hand, it is also possible to detect plagiarism through search engines. You simply have to paste a sentence or a unique phrase from the text and then click search. The search engine will come up with all the matches and that you will clearly find out about any copied content.
Realizing this potential of search engines, most of the plagiarists now know not to use the same titles while copying since most people who put the title to search for similar titles. So make sure you search for text from within an article.

Online Resources to Avoid Plagiarism

There are numerous free software available over the internet to check for duplication. The results from these software’s are completely accurate. The best thing about it is they are not only free but they provide immediate results. So it is just like within seconds we get capture the plagiarist.

How to Safeguard your Work?

Writers and website owners must safeguard their work. They cannot completely eliminate instances of plagiarism but can limit it considerably. Various measures can be adopted for this such as disabling the option of right-clicking on their websites. It is very important to eliminate plagiarism from our society in whatever form it is present so that a creative world can be nurtured.

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