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Essay Writing August 17, 2012

General Overview About Essay Writing

The essay is one of the types of writing, the students used to write the essays in their academic period, the instructor used to give different essays to the students so that the students’ can groom their written skills up to a great extent. The best instructor is the one who make the students expert for writing the essays and early stages of the students are the one in which one can easily learn the tactics of writing the essays. The students should be focused on the creativity, planning and practice while writing the essays. The writer should need some homework and try to get the additional information regarding the topic for creativity, but in actual the writers used not to do any preparation and homework so that is the reason that in libraries you can find large number of poor essays.

Essay is a small written work done by the writer/students. The personal view of the author is mentioned in the essay. The writer needs to be skilled in analysis, reading, conciseness, contrasting, and persuasion. Essay is somehow the opportunity for the students/writers to create and develop the thoughts regarding the topic. In essays the clarity should be there in terms of sentence structure, paragraph transitions etc.

Process Of Writing An Essay

If the writer has planned to write an essay then on the first part the writer should decide the best and interesting topic. After that the author should draw the outline from the ideas generated. Thesis statement is very necessary and it is the main pint which needs to be focused properly after making the outline.

Introduction includes all the centre points and elaboration of the points and follows by the conclusion and recommendations. The language in the essay matters a lot in writing the essay because the writer should write according to the understanding of the readers.

Conclusion should not be so lengthy and sum up in three to four lines. In the whole essay the most important areas are the introduction and the second one is the conclusion, so these two must be very well written and productive. Anecdote in the essay is a unique element and can make the essay unique and different than the others.