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Creative Writing November 17, 2018

The Internet is one of the best sources of accessing the knowledge, in low time and also with the text. There are many creative research papers, case studies, articles, essays and other literary topics available on the websites. Such writings were once written for Internet users. But such practice is no longer there and it is becoming a business nowadays. At the same time, the competition has also increased and the website that is mostly researched is ranked as the top on the search engine. The only thing that makes Internet users visit such websites is the quality of the contents and effective writing. Therefore, most of the websites want to hire writers who can give them outstanding writing. There are many guidelines available on the Internet which can help you out in making an effective piece of writing.

Get The Guidance

If you are also going to write an article or any such thing the first thing you must do is to consult your instructor. You can have the discussion about the citation, rules of citation, plagiarism and the reference material. You can also get a lot of help about the organization and the structure of the writing. You can also get the guidelines from the Internet as it is one of the best sources that contain the instructions of the world’s top writers.

Planning The Structure

After getting the consultation about the different points and the copyright laws and the plagiarism, the next thing you can do is to structure your paper. Always try to first make the rough idea about your research and then go on the reference material. Try to keep the distinctions between the two so that after writing you may not face the merging of the points between the two. Also, make the boundaries about your ideas and your write up so that in the end you may not have the issue about the quantity of the contents.

Guidelines for Creative Writing

Third Step: Another important thing about the selection of the keywords is that the compound keywords give more advantage than the single keywords. Therefore, the most specific you will make the keywords the more efficient will be the accessibility to the material.

● Cite The Sources

One of the best ways to keep the information transparent is to give the footnotes and the references in the endnotes. For effective writing, one way is making your arguments stronger and it is not possible unless you provide the work of the other writers. Therefore, always try to give the references from the work of the other authors and then also mentioning the sources. If you are having the doubt about some quotations give the reference just after the quotation.

● Maintain The Transparency

Never try to confuse other the writers by intermingling your ideas with the other authors. Try to keep it very clear that who says what. The more clear and simple you will go the more convenience the reader will find.

● Get Aware About the Rules of Plagiarism

Get the details of the rules of plagiarism and also know about the various types of plagiarism. For effective writing even in the paraphrasing, the complete sets of rules have to be followed.

● Avoid the Confusing Points

The points, on which you also have the doubts, should not be included in the text, because such writings can make the reader about the uncertainty of your write up. Secondly, you will try to support such points with the references of the other authors that will make your ideas at the submissive level.

After writing the article, the first thing to have the evaluation of your own writing and you can also compare it with the related topics available on the Internet. Never try to ignore the patterns and the formatting because without these you can not make the outer look attractive for your visitors.