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Most Popular Types of plagiarism September 14, 2020

Before knowing the types of plagiarism we should know what is plagiarism? In simple words, plagiarism is copying other’s work. It is an offense and you can be put in jail on account of strict punishment. Now let’s move on the types of plagiarism.

Copy and Paste Plagiarism

The most common type among the types of plagiarism is when you directly copy the material from a source and make it as your own. If you are taking a single line from anywhere then you must place within inverted commas and also mention the source. We must know the ways to eradicate the problem of plagiarism online.

Word Switch Plagiarism

The type in which you change a few words from other’s stuff and show it as your own is wrong. If you want to write some useful information about the concerned topic then you must place it in inverted commas or bold type along with the author’s name mentioned.

Style Plagiarism

The third type from the types of plagiarism is copying the author’s writing format like in which way he has written paragraphs. If you are copying that format even it will not be acceptable. It is because you are not using your brain in how to make your information in sequence. 

Metaphor Plagiarism

Sometimes it also happens that some words are used to make thoughts and ideas understandable to the reader. These words are called metaphors, you create your own metaphors for your work and if you are failed to do so then you can take it from the source but mention the reference to the author. 

Idea Plagiarism

Among the types of plagiarism, the fifth one is idea plagiarism in which it is difficult for the students to completely understand what the author’s idea is especially when it is creative and what general knowledge is. Because of lacking this ability, they go for plagiarism.

Partial Plagiarism

There are some more types of plagiarism such as partial plagiarism in which students copy the information from two or more different sources and due to lack of knowledge they commonly commit this mistake.

Minimalistic Plagiarism

Another type is minimalistic plagiarism which accounts for the cheating of thought and ideas of other’s creation and presenting it in your own way. They think that it is not plagiarism but it is a crime.

Mention Correct refrences

One more type of plagiarism is that some writers give false references to their sources, write only the original author’s name, mix up their own information, and the original writer’s information. However, if they are solely copying that information but putting a quotation mark and mentioning the author’s name correctly then it is not plagiarism.

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Self Plagiarism

The type in which a person copies his own work either partially or completely, and presenting it on different sites without mentioning the correct reference. This is the most common type of plagiarism. Plagiarism in any way is wrong. By becoming aware of these types of plagiarism one may avoid doing it.

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