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Hand Writing November 17, 2018

Handwriting is important in the life of everyone as it is building block in the learning process. It engages the brain thus help in better focus and attention. Students who were fluent in writing with hands give better quality and quantity in any type of assignment. Handwriting is more than a way of communication. This enhances the learning capacity to understand and memorize the shapes and letters easily. It encouraged idea composition and improves the development of motor skills of an individual. Handwriting practice is the best physical exercise that keeps the mind sharp and active.

This ancient skill of handwriting

must be retained for its value and benefits. With the increase in computer technology, keyboards and other ways of communication, this skill is going in demise. But some touch screen devices are emphasizing on the value of this ancient practice again. Writing instructions and lessons are still part of various schools curriculum. Handwriting also enhances your neural activity by engaging the brain in this process. Those writing with hands have everlasting character recognition and visual identification through special hand movements. Forming letters require more brain usage and involvement.

The composition of ideas and concepts is another benefit.

Handwriting is different from typing as more effort and attention is used in writing any character than just touching the keyboard. Writing with the hand is also considered to be predictive of personality. Psychiatrists and doctors also use it as diagnostic tools. It is still given equal importance in various types of exams and exercises in this technology age. It can give an increase to exam scores as examiners take handwriting as judgment for the ideas quality of an individual. Handwriting is a valuable tool and skill in this modern age. Educators recommend this practice for improving motor skills.

Handwriting is indeed

an excellent way for communication of ideas. Pen and paper are a great companion and plays important role in visual skills than any word processing soft wares. One can draw mind maps while writing. It also improves focus and stretching exercises of an individual. It can be more productive in common use. It can be slow but has numerous advantages. It was an ancient tool to record the information thus making its effect more enormous. It changes from brain to brain, cultures, and civilizations. It has its part in religious and political wars thus depicting national inspirations.
The handwriting is not an inborn talent but is learned through practice. Writing is always taught by instructors. It is a form of expression of oneself. But its role as a communication tool has been decreasing. It facilitates originality and authenticity. It enhances proficiency among the children.

The downfall of handwriting

will also affect historical research power. The handwriting is also used as a detective tool for investigation. Questioned documents are also produced for clients. It is also used as a judgment tool for children’s academic success. Although children give less time to handwriting it acts in wide areas than a mode of communication only.