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Writing Poetry August 18, 2012

Writing poetry for your loved ones is one of the best ways to express your feeling to them. Through your poetry you can express your love more rather than giving gifts or going out on a date and spending ample time with each other. A poem is a great gift for your loved ones which can be very suitable for making certain special occasions memorable for the entire life. Also this will tell your loved ones how important they are for you and how much you love them.

Writing poetry for your loved ones is not at all a difficult task. You just need to express your feelings and love on a piece of paper through words. The first thing before writing a poem for your loved ones is to sit in a quiet place and think about the time you have spent with your loved ones. All the memories you have made together from the first time when you met till the present. Think about all such things that make your feelings alive which will result into an excellent poem.
Write your feelings on a piece of paper. Without any fear simply pour your heart out. Write down all the random thoughts that come in your mind. You really don’t need to write a poem for your loved ones that rhyme; by simply pouring your heart out in words you will get a lot of ideas which will turn into an excellent poem. Imagine the person you love and write about the reasons you love him or him; also, keep asking yourself questions about their existence and what would happen if they were not there. Furthermore, you can also imagine how complete their presence makes you.
When you are done with your writing choose an appropriate theme of your poem. Read what have you have written twice or thrice and then ask yourself how important is that person for you? Can you express your love in a form of a song? Or should your write something about her beauty or good habits? Thinking about such questions makes it easier for you to select the best theme.
Now get started with writing the best poem for your loved ones. Getting started with the poem is considered as the toughest part in writing poetry. But, once you set a scene in your mind this task is made easier. When your first verse of the poem is written then automatically you will write the poem in a flow. Write your poem in simple and clear English.
Using bigger and difficult words from the thesaurus will make your poem look more like a difficult piece of work for which your loved one needs to search the dictionary to understand what you are trying to tell. Rhyming dictionary and synonyms are very useful when you write a poem. Once you are done with a simple poem its recommend to replace the verbs with stronger ones and pronouns with proper nouns. Bad English and grammatical errors destroy your impression on the reader.
Once you are done with writing poem read it twice to check for any smaller mistakes. Also, you can ask someone else for a proof reading. When all this is done write your poem on a nice piece of paper or whatever you have planned for; then wrap it nicely and present it to your loved one.