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Writing A Novel January 6, 2021

Reading a novel can be very interesting but if someone thinks about writing a novel, it will be not that easy. Writing is an ingrown skill, which is inside you from birth. You can polish it more and more as you grow up and with appropriate training. Although, if someone thinks that he can write, writing a novel is not something that any writer can do. Writing a novel is probably easy, but writing a good novel is a tough task. If it were easy, we’d all be writing best-selling, prize-winning novels.

How to write a  good novel?

Writing a good novel is not a game of children, it requires a lot of patience, time, thinking, and creativity.

  • A good novel shows the maturity and thinking of its writer. For writing an extraordinary novel, one should need a lot of practice in this field along with writing skills.
  • As we all know practice makes a man perfect. If someone thinks that he will become a renowned novel written by the night, he is mistaken. All the well-known novel writers in the world have a long and tough journey behind their success. It’s not like you dream it and you have it.
  • Practice, patience, and passion are the keys to becoming a good novel writer.
  • Writing just one novel is obviously not a dream of anyone. So for keeping up the good writing, the most important thing is to make writing a habit.
  • Though there are no hard and fast rules for writing a novel. The toughest part of writing a novel knows where to start and how to keep on going to the end.

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Tips for Starting the Novel Writing Process

There are some steps in starting novel writing, which should be followed to get a good start.

  • First of all, inspiration is the most important thing about starting a novel.
  • The novel is different from short stories because they are larger and more complex.
  • Writing a novel can be messy if it is not handled properly. Devote time to plot in the beginning for a smooth and steady start.
  • Make an outline of a story. The plot is the base of a novel, if it is weak it will weaken the whole novel. The plot has to be concrete, specific, and well-thought out. Think of both the place and the time.
  • Figure out what your story is going to be about. Create other characters. Don’t make the mistake of thinking secondary characters are unimportant. Each and every character in the novel has the same importance because if you overshadow or under shadow a character unnecessarily it spoils the whole novel.
  • It’s time now to start a novel. There are different approaches in this regard. These approaches are Begin with the ending in mind, the big picture approach, Dive in approach, and Start with characters.
  • Keep the focus on good narration and dialogues. Bad dialogue is one of those things most likely to make publishers reject your novel.
  • Now coming to the end or climax, it’s like leave your reader stunned or spoil the whole story. If the climax of a novel is not well written, it will make your novel a complete flop.

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