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Writing A Song August 18, 2012

Writing a song is easy, simple, creative and most enjoyable process. Every writer want to make his song most memorable having deep influence over the listener. The writer has to feel the emotion which he is going to express through his song. For this purpose he uses various tools known as song craft. These tools not only help the writer to produce great in depth and original songs but also enable listeners to understand and feel the emotional message associated with every song. One can produce sweet and influential melodies by using these techniques in careful manner.

Writing song is discovery process. Taking start in song writing is most important and difficult step. Starting well will lessen the problems ahead. Every song must be kept on certain course. He has to overcome the inertia in the start and express the idea in beautiful manner. A song is started with a title. Title must be chosen in a way that makes the listener curious to listen the rest of the song. Title is the greatest strength of the song that depicts the associated message and energy completely. Title can be beautifying by using short sentences and action words.
Title is followed by the lyrics which are answer to the phrases used in title. These are developed through emotional ideas that drive you to write the song. Always write fluently whatever comes to your mind without being judgmental. Song structure is the most important characteristic of any song. The structure must include enough repetition, dynamics and variety to hook the listener. It consists of verse, chorus, and bridge and pre chorus. The structure should be strong and familiar one. Keep all the themes conversational that speak something.
Writing a song is much different from a poem. You can add some melodies of hit songs in designing the lyrics. Take care of the length and rhymes. So keep the ears to successful melodies. It involves certain tricks and techniques. Melody must be a balanced combination of repetition and variety so that listener does not lose interest. Previously used titles can be repeated if they were a hit. The song lyrics must be kept focused according to the title. Write the verse according to the chorus that gives some more information about the title. Initial and final melodies must be interlinked. An emotional tone must be maintained throughout the song. Give short time to the lyrics.
Songs written from commercial purpose will be different as they have to enhance the scene effect. Writing song requires certain skill to know about the basics of song. Song writers are different from musician. You can use song writing software and home recordings to make demo of your song. Studying other’s songs is also important step. Everyone has his own thoughts, voice, ideas, skills and talent. Be original to the extent possible. Compile your own thoughts accordingly to produce a unique song. Emotions, chords, craft and structure makes a good emotional song which will become memorable for centuries.