Society and Technology’s Part in Digital Plagiarism

October 24th, 2018

Where technology has made life easier for us,

It has also made undertaking criminal activities simpler. You can easily download movies, songs and even others’ papers for free from the internet. It is entirely unethical yet available to all. So is the case with any kind of content we talk about. However, it is again technology that has enabled us to verify such crimes. In the case of content, you can easily check using plagiarism-checking software if the content was plagiarized or not and how much was the percentage of the copied content.

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Plagiarizing Unknowingly and the Associated Fears

October 20th, 2018

Plagiarizing content intentionally is absolutely unacceptable.

However, one might do it unknowingly. It might happen that you propose an idea or gain first-hand knowledge about something and later find out that it has already been proposed or posted somewhere by someone. Although this is something that doesn’t happen very often, you should know what do if it does.

The best thing is to talk to your instructor about it and tell him/her beforehand that the idea was as much originally yours as it was probably someone else’s. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Write a Presentation

October 18th, 2018

Elements Of Writing Process

Writing is not complex to do if the author knows how to follow the writing process, the writer must know about the essentials of writing and these are mentioned below:



Revision/ Proofreading

Prewriting means to jot down all the relevant ideas and thoughts that come into the minds of the author, whereas composition means drafting the document into the formal form. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Plagiarized Content Considered a Copyright Infringement?

October 10th, 2018

There is a very little difference between the act of plagiarism and the copyright infringement as both of these occur in the commercial, professional, academic and social fields. Basically, plagiarism is defined by the act of copying and using someone’s data and without acknowledging the original source or attributing to the real source the data is used and owned by the writer as if it is his or her original work. Read the rest of this entry »


October 8th, 2018

Meaning Of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means to write the ideas and the thoughts of another author, in particular, your own words or write the thoughts in your words which has spoken out by some one’s else. Paraphrasing skills are very essential to learn by the academic students because they used to have many assignments and projects in their course so need to have the material from other sources, for paraphrasing, strong vocabulary is required, and the grip on the English is of highest level need. There are many problems which are very common when doing paraphrasing like as follows:

1) The students mostly write the main words of the source document in the same way.

2) Sometimes it happens that the students replace the words with similar words and this leads to the problem that the text looks the same as the original one. Read the rest of this entry »

Peer Review Presentation

October 5th, 2018

Meaning Of Peer Review

It means to review and analyze the text /document of the other person according to the views of yours. Peer review is very important to get the mistakes out from the document because the writer when writing thinks that every word is written is relevant and according to the topic but the fact is that due to this image it is difficult for the writer to get the mistakes from the documents. The person who is performing peer preview

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Effects of Plagiarism on the Internet Users

September 28th, 2018

The Internet is full of talks and conversations on the matter of plagiarism and often when you look at the consequences and effects of plagiarism, most of the talking is done in relation to the professionals who do the writing. However, not many people talk about the effects of plagiarism on the internet users who are not writers. Undoubtedly, the highest number of people on the internet is users who go on the internet only to get information and they use these written materials to get information about a particular topic. Whatever you write has a big influence on their lives since they learn from what they read. Read the rest of this entry »

Designing of Assessments that can Prevent Plagiarism

September 25th, 2018

Designing assessments that can prevent plagiarism has been developed within the electronic media platforms. These platforms have been designed especially to highlight the plagiarism which has been used in the text. Due to the availability of these designed assessments, the whole paragraphs and documents can be checked and analyzed easily. The assessments which prevent plagiarism have been marked as combat for the writers, authors and other sources present around the web portaging. There are many activities and assessments which have been designed and organized for the prevention of plagiarism. Read the rest of this entry »

Email Etiquette For Students

September 18th, 2018

Importance Of Email Etiquette 

Now the technology has so advanced that the people don’t need any paper and pen to send the message to the recipient; one only needs the computer and the internet connection to send the message via email in a second. Emails are used not only by the teachers but mostly the students used this technology to send and receive messages. In the organizations, the use of email is very common, and mostly the work done through the emails. Read the rest of this entry »

Plagiarism Software Free Download

September 18th, 2018

Plagiarism is to copy someone else’s work without giving them any credit. Definition of Plagiarism is not restricted to just copying words, stealing an idea is also plagiarism. Checking whether someone has copied someone else’s work is a tough job. There are laws that govern plagiarism rules. The intellectual property laws keep a check on intangible properties like new and innovative ideas. But these bodies cannot check whether a given content or idea is copied owing to the gigantic amount of written pieces that are present worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »