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Writing styles January 2, 2019

Writing styles is the mode with what a writer might decide to write. Several styles of writing are available in the field of writing. If you have just introduced to this field of writing then all you need to do is to first get to know what kind of writers you like and what do you like to read.

If you are a fan of comics then it is different from comedy style, if you are a fiction lover you will find it differently written than action thriller style of writing, poems are written in a different way. Briefly, writing styles is a sea in itself and you have to select the area where you want to dive in.

When you are reading somebody’s work,

notice the way the writer has approached the subject. Keep in mind the audience you are writing for. The writing styles with which you approach the subject will also tell about your personality to the readers. With a little change in words, introducing elocution and changing the structure of a sentence, you can transform the character of the work. You must have noticed that the most famous writers introduce ‘action’ into their writing and help their viewers to visualize what they are writing.

You should adapt the writing styles according to your requirement. If you are writing a formal letter it would be different from a professional business letter which would be persuasive.

The writer’s job is to take the reader

on a subjective ride that should be full of emotions and should set the reader’s mood himself. He should make the task of reading so enticing that the audience would not like to leave the book. You should amuse, motivate, and enthrall your audience, as it is your job to do so.

If you are just starting to learn then you should try to copy your favorite writer’s style. It will be hard for you to do so. Everyone says that you should be original but before becoming original, you need to learn to write.

Pick up your pen and try to write a thought, which you might believe that your preferred writer would write. This exercise will take a lot of your time and energy. Your fingers might break and you might consider to give up but do not lose hope. Keep in mind you want to write words that will pierce your reader. You should know how to mould a sentence before you become original.

Give attention to the choice of words

and your writing that is the key to blow your audience. Do not waste your writing and time by using too many nouns. It will bore your audience.

Express movement in your sentences. Use more and more verbs to keep the audience glued. You need to become dynamite in order to penetrate your reader’s mind. Try to create your own imagination and then put this imagination on paper. Use strong words like ‘believe’ instead of ‘think’. Nobody likes to read weak writers who are just coloring the paper black. You should and could do it.