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Social Media is Causing the Problem Of Plagiarism February 2, 2019

Plagiarism is known as using another person’s work as your own without giving credit or appreciation to the original creator of the work. This practice has been clicked as colossal crime towards the prescribed rules and regulations of writings, editing and copyrights terms. This is a fact that social media is causing the problem of plagiarism in today’s enormous internet world. The biggest examples of problems caused by plagiarism are social networking sites which are readily available across the web panel. Due to the advancement in social media sites, it has been become difficult to avoid the eminent factor of plagiarism.

How is social media causing plagiarism?

Social media websites are found as a factor for increasing the plagiarism issue with great intensity and rate. Plagiarism in various forms and textures has become part of social networking sites. Social networking sites lead to the following problems of plagiarism which have now made them the biggest source of putting the copied items.

• Plagiarism has become rampant on social media servers, most people are using someone else’s tweets, comments, and blogs by showing them as own.
• Anonymity has been depicted on the servers of social media sites which shows up the comments and postings of others as your own personal expression about the respective medium.
• The content which is usually seen by us on different websites has been oriented and it is not usually the original text. This point has become part of increasing plagiarism on social sites.
• Images and videos which are being shared and posted on these websites do not tell about the original source of the material. This is causing the violation of copyrights on these social media web forums.
• These websites do not give any sort of attribute and credit towards the work being produced by the original person.

There are certain websites which can find out where the context and source have been originally shared with the help of their advanced techniques. This feature has been recorded as the source for reduction of plagiarism.

Credits Up the Originality:

There are various social media web panels which point over about the origination of the item being posted on them. This will boost up credits for the original author and it will not be considered a part of plagiarism which has been practiced on other websites. This icon has helped a lot in reducing the problem of plagiarism on social media.

How to Put a Full Stop on Plagiarism?

It is once in a blue moon that someone adds up the credit for the original author once they post up something on social media sites. Those who do not add a source should be treated with strictness and an iron hand. Social media forums should be introduced to such techniques which will stop the users in putting up other person’s ideas and textures. This will readily decrease the chances of plagiarism from social media portals.